Maria + Holic = I Just Don’t Get It

I really don’t get it. Oh I get the premise of the show, but I don’t get why I liked it. I shall explain my theories.

Maria + Holic

In all honesty, it could have been a lot better. I thought they did an ok job with it though.

Premise: Lesbian girl (Kanako) goes to a [Catholic?] school for girls and on the first day (before the first day technically) she meets, Mariya, who she discovers is actually a cross dressing boy when he touches her (she breaks out in hives when a boy touches her). Hilarious first episode, I thought it had potential to knock down walls at this point.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series through the first 6 episodes…..then it started getting repetitive. Same jokes, same shit happening every, single, episode. Normally, this calls for a drop, HOWEVER, there are several reasons that kept this episode alive:

  1. The best combo of OP and ED ever. The OP is probably my favorite of the year, as well as the ED. This kept me watching, and ensured that I would watch from OP to ED.
  2. Shaft [productions studio] rules. If they hadn’t made this show, I probably wouldn’t have even watched it liked it as much. Personally, I’m a sucker for Shaft. I can’t help but like everything they make. Besides the awesome OPs and EDs that they ALWAYS make (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? Forget about it. Awesome in every single way. I wish I had more room on my top ten), the animation is always usually awesome.
  3. The Priest in the last few episodes. He’s a funny ass guy.

Basically, this show was just poorly written. Every single episode was pretty much the same:

  1. Kanako bleeds
  2. Mariya has one line telling Kanako that she’s a pervert
  3. Her maid agrees
  4. More nosebleeds
  5. Kanako reiterates over and over girls are beautiful, and she wants them
  6. Kanako nosebleeds
  7. The end

Whoops I guess that I just spoiled every single episode for the whole season. Honestly, I looked forward to this show  every week, even though I knew what I was gonna get.  I never felt as though it was bad though. I would gladly approve of a second season, as this type of repetitiveness isn’t as bad compared to say, Ranma 1/2 (which I will never finish. I average one episode per month at my rate) or Naruto Fillers, or D. Gray Man (More like D. GAY Man LOL!!! (assume that the LOL is sarcastically pronounced)). I was going to give this a five at the beginning of this post (due to the OP and ED and Shaft really), but that would be retarded, because then I’d have to base every show off of the OP and ED, and it would then just be a review of the OP and ED. Therefore, even though I liked the material more than most shows that I give this rating too, Maria + Holic gets a


Revy shot Kanako in the face and really gave her a nosebleed.

(Remember, Bill died)

Dunkeroos Kick Ass

Whatever happened to those? They were so bangin. I remember how my mom wouldn’t let me have them, but there would always be one kid at school who had them, and everyone would try and trade their entire lunch and their mother to get them. Dunkeroos rule.

xxxHOLiC Kei = xxxHOLiC^2

So I had previously watched the first 4 episodes of xxxHOLiC Kei like….a month ago, then I got side tracked by some awesome show and didn’t watch it again until last night, when I finished the whole series easily.

xxxHOLiC Kei


I enjoyed xxxHOLiC a lot. I thought that xxxHOLiC Kei was even better. Instead of going into everything. I’ll just write something really short, and tell you why “Kei” was better than the first season.

xxxHOLiC +++

  1. The first reason why it was better was simply because everything throughout the show connected better. For example, in the first season, each episode could potentially be viewed on it’s own, and had no relation to the next episodes (there are of course a few exceptions: Introduction of the Pipe Fox, and arcs that ran more than 1 episode). In xxxHOLiC Kei, something that appeared maybe midway through the show would re-appear later, a few examples being the Eye situation and the Pinky situation. I felt that this connected the shw a lot better, and made it easier to watch the whole series (about) in one sitting.
  2. Watanuki gets the shit beat out of him more than once. The thing with the eye, the window/fall/glass/blood situation. He get’s fucked up this season. And rightfully so, because he’s fucking annoying.
  3. The introduction of the creepy psychic girl Kohane. She’s quiet, and has very little expressions. I believe I’ve made my self clear on how I feel about people who give little emotion. I call them “cold” people.

What Did I Not Like?

  1. Why can’t Watanuki just not be such a bitch. Domeki saves his ass more than once, and all he does is complain. If I was Domeki, I would beat his ass regularly, or tell him to do stuff by himself.
  2. My favorite character, Zashiki-warashi, did not only not get enough screen time, but did not hook up with Watanuki. Fuck Himawari-chan.

Thus, because this anime was better than the first season, but still not enough to be considered a “really-fuckin-good” anime, I’ll give it exactly what I gave the first season:


Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 = Season Two

The first season was good. The second season was even better. There may be a spoiler or two if you haven’t seen the first season, in which case I don’t know why you are reading this, as it is the second season.

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00: Season Two

There was only one thing that was corny and dumb about this show.

Premise: In this continuation of the first season, Celestial Being has taken up arms against the A-Laws and Ribbons Almark, an Innovator who, without giving anything away, is a bad guy.

Reaction: Bang-out. As I said before, there was only one thing I didn’t like about this season, but I’ll list that below under cons.


  • The plot was so intricate and never got boring. As every episode ended it made you yearn to watch the next one. In this sense, I’m glad I waited for this season to get about half way done before I started watching the first season. This way, I would end an episode, and immediately be able to watch the following one.
  • Fight scenes were awesome. Do I need to further my explanation here? No. They were awesome.
  • There were a few BAM’s. But nothing that really blew me away.
  • The characters all had interesting back-stories. I may further elaborate on this later. I will for one person at least. A lot of the characters got awesome. Example, Louise, a bitchy little shit, becomes a Mobile Suit fighter, and fucks shit up.


  • First and foremost. The biggest con was Lockon’s situation. Neil Dylandy, who had the code name of Lockon Stratus in the first season, obviously died at the end. But not to worry, he happens to have a brother that looks exactly like him that we never knew about until now. Not only does he look like him, but he also decides to go by the name Lockon Stratus. This reminded of me of Beerfest (a great movie), where Landfill dies, but suddenly he has a twin brother that’s exactly like him, and decides to call himself Landfill in memory of his brother. The difference is, Beerfest did it because it was a ridiculous situation, thus funny, where as Gundam did it because they couldn’t think of another character? Two ways this could’ve easily been fixed by either mentioning Lyle Delandy in the previous season, so it doesn’t seem like you just made him to make it seem as if Neil isn’t dead, or having him look different. just give him different hair, it really doesn’t matter.
  • Not enough BAM moment. I had heard previous that there were BAMs off the charts. But honestly, I didn’t really see anything that surprised me, shock me, or make me pump my fist and go, “FUCK YES!”. I mean the fights were sick, but I was usually just like, “Whoa sick.” and not “BYAAAHHH!!!”. Of course, the series still was awesome anyway.

Best Character:

The best character, is Setsuna F. Seiei. He got nasty. Actually, all the main characters got nasty, but he got REALLY NASTY. I wish they had mire Allelujah/Hallelujah in this series, because he would have been the best.

I don’t really have much more to say. As for the ending, I thought it was good, and it sets up nicely for the movie that will come out in a year. That’s gonna be bangin.

Akikan!: Filler is Killer

I must say that this was a lack-luster series. I really liked it through the first 6 or 7 episodes, but that shitty filler episode/dumb ending really killed it.


This is gonna be short.

Premise: This show is about cans that turn into girls and supposedly have to fight each other.

Reactions: The first arc, which was made up of the first seven episodes I believe, were awesome. I thought to myself, “Now here is a show that I’m gonna love.” It reminded me a lot of Inukami! which I absolutely love. Of course, after that, this show began picking up dirt on it’s treads, thus it did not grip my attention as well as it did previously, and the last three episodes really made me lost intrest. It was the classic example of an anime that fades.

Biggest Pro:

  • It featured a pretty cool plot, and involved a couple great voice actors/actresses (Jun Fukuyama and Mamiko Noto….and I didn’t even realize it but Megumi Toyoguchi (Revy – Black Lagoon) is in it).

Biggest Con:

  • Too many shitty episodes, like the pool one and the stupid filler episode really brought it down. Not to mention the crappy, obvious, cliche ending. All they had to do was call out their Akikan’s name to get them back. Talk about cheap.

All in all, Akikan! ruled the Earth for the first 7 episodes, but because it faded faster than something that goes away right after it appears, it gets a


Black Lagoon = Series Review

Never has a series pissed me off more. Why?

Black Lagoon

This is the background to my computer right now.

Well well well…..where to begin with this shit-pile. Oh wait….I’m talking about Black Lagoon. I guess I’ll start off by saying that my Top Ten has been moving around so much in the past few days that I might have to stop watching anime so it can get a little breather:

Premise: This anime begins with a business man, named Okajima Rokuro. He is a lowly business man, and his life kinda sucks. Basically, he’s treated like shit by all of his….well… everyone he works with. One day, he is sent to deliver am important disk in the nice tropics of Southeast Asia somewhere. This disk is important, as it contains scandalous information that could ruin the reputation of the company. Suddenly, whoops! Here are some pirates! Three pirates to be exact. To be even more precise, they are known as The Black Lagoon, and are made up of Dutch, the boat driver, Benny, the computer wiz, and Revy, the most bad-ass female character ever made in history of anything ever, They take Rokuro hostage on their boat (I should say Revi does) because they think he might be worth some $$$$. However, they call his company and they effectively tell Rock, (Dutch nicknamed Rokuro Rock) to fuck off and die.

Needless to say Rock is aggravated. He’s sick of getting treated like trash. A long story short, Rock is given the opportunity to return to his job, but turns it down, claiming that he’s already dead (when his boss told him to fuck off and die, he also told him that he was already dead, so this is kinda like a fuck you from Rock). Rock stays and joins up with the Black Lagoon guys, who are a delivery company, and brush against the law from time to time.


This anime reminded me a lot of Cowboy Bebop, except better. In a nutshell, I’d say it was Cowboy Bebop + (Devil May Cry – fake monsters & bullshit) + more awesome characters + even more awesomeness. In fact, it’s nothing like Devil May Cry. Why the fuck did I even compare them?

Anyway, I’m really liking the pros and cons again, so:


  • Revy is one of the most bad-ass characters ever. And is the best female character ever… anything. Ever.

Basically, Revy totes guns, she makes number runs, and she gives emcees the runs dripping. Well, she shoots the shit out of everything anyway…..I mean, she really loves to kill people. It’s great. Also, I really, REALLY loved what the seiyu, Megumi Toyoguchi did. She even spoke English! “Nice-o Job-o!”

The other characters rocked too (even Rock…GET IT!?), but Revy’s the only one I’m going to go into detail with.

  • The animation of course was great. It had great gun-fight scenes and didn’t look like shit. Although animation doesn’t really matter to me anymore (lol yeah right. I’m shallow)I felt that they did a great job here.
  • Tiger Woods……..he’s a PRO Golfer…..get it?
  • This anime is made of of several different arcs (the different jobs that Black Lagoon does throughout) but it also contains underlying/internal conflicts that the characters go through throughout the show. Especially Rock, in dealing with the new life of constantly being around guns and killing. But also with Revy, and how her attitude towards Rock changes. I felt that this anime did a great job of keeping me glued in my seat.
  • The OP was sick. I honestly felt like putting this in my Top Ten, JUST after seeing the OP. I think I even told someone that.
  • Great quotes. This anime has great quotes, like,

Kapitan: “Give any runners extra assholes!”


Bao: “How many times have you destroyed my shop?! (shoots an attacker) You owe me for all of this! Or I’ll weld your asshole shut and make you a new one on your head!”


Revy: “This is so boring! Shoot him [Rock] in his knees. He’ll start singing like a bird.”


  • The ending. I like how the music merges with the end of the episode, but sometimes I feel like it changes the mood of the episode, and is altogether to creepy and sad to match the show. Gimmie something more like the opening. That’s what I want.
  • Rock needs to fucking shoot someone. Seriously.

All in all I felt that this show was so gunslingin’ and nasty, that I have no choice but to give it a


Spot Number 6 in my Top Ten

……But wait, if it’s in my top ten….why did it piss me off???


Because it ended, and now I have to wait for more.

Damn, Bill just got up from his recent beat-down by Toradora!, when he suddenly gets a new asshole by Revy and the Black Lagoon.

Bill is not pictured, because Revy shot him 89 times. (He'll be fine though don't worry)

A third season is announced. I can’t wait.

Rain + Anime = I’m Pissed Off

I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever there’s rain in an episode of any anime, I’m already accepting disappointment. I have never seen an anime episode I liked that has rain in it. Coincidentally, D. Gray Man has a lot of episodes where it is dark and raining. D. Gray Man sucks. I’ve suffered through 40 episodes, and it still sucks. If I had to rate it right now as a show, it would get a 3 at best. How I haven’t dropped it is anyone’s guess. I haven’t seen a show this shitty, boring, and so far away from what I expected to get since….

I had expected Samurai 7 to be great. I mean let’s tally all of the awesome things it has:

  • Samurai – Holy shit I love samurai!
  • Based on a masterpiece film “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa, who is awesome (I loved the movie)
  • 7 – It’s my fucking lucky number!

But then it was ruined by:

  • Long, boring, stretched out dialogue.
  • Boring, shitty fight scenes that rarely occurred.
  • Robots.

This was a mistake of an anime, and in case you don’t know this, Robots eat old people’s medicine for fuel. That’s dick. It also had rain in an episode or two.

I don’t  want to create the misconception that I have disdain for rain (bam), because I love rain. I will do anything in the rain. Some days my friends and I will be bored, and I will suggest, “Let’s play some soccer, or better yet, wiffleball.” They always decline, complaining of pouring rain outside.


Are you a witch? Will you melt? Are you suggesting that bathing escapes you on a daily basis? Do you not want to get dirty? Grow some balls, throw on some shitty clothes, and lets play some football in the rain and fuck up the grass. WHY??? BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FUN.

Here’s a comparison:

Rain is the clear winner.

In conclusion, rain makes everything better. Everything, except anime. And don’t even get me started on rain’s cousin, snow. Snow sucks just as bad.

EDIT: The one sport that you can’t really play in the rain is outdoor basketball. I don’t feel like snapping my ankle thank you very much. Although they do make gyms.

Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo – For Real This Time

I’ve found the title for this anime spelled so many different ways. I think this is the correct way, because “o” is not a Japanese character. “Wo” is, and is pronounced “o”, so this one wins over “Sora o Kakeru Shoujo”. I also don’t usually use the titles in English, (with a few exceptions). I keep it fucking real bitch.

Where was I when this show first came out? I haven’t heard about it until about 2 weeks ago. It’s great. The first episode was confusing to me, but it had some really cool and very original animation/ideas for the world that these people live in (the far future). Everything is in space, people live in space, in colonies, which, from the inside, look like Earth. This anime focuses around a girl, Akiha, who accidentally meets an AI Robot named Lelouch Lamperouge Leopard. After this, she and a girl named Honoka, who rarely shows emotion on her expressionless face, search for parts for Lelouch Leopard, who needs them. He needs them, because he is the mind behind a colony (housing for a shitload of people in space). Of course, his colony is empty besides Honoka, but Akiha doesn’t worry about the fact that she’s breaking the law to get said items (not because she’s bad-ass, but because she’s dumb), and goes and gets them. This, however, is not really the main plot.

This anime just picked up massively during the last couple episodes (which, for me, means episodes 6-8). This show was already cool, it was probably looking at a 4 in the ratings, but it wasn’t bad. But now it just flipped, and the real plot was finally revealed. I’m happy, but at the same time kind of pissed, because I really want to start giving out some ratings lower than a 5. The fact is, The anime I’ve been watching has been great so far.

As previously said the characters are great, and I especially like Lelouch Leopard, as I have also said before. In one episode, he gets these gold spheres. As a man, I can tell that these are his balls. I mean, he treats them like balls, jokes are made to insinuate that they are balls……balls.

So my first impression? Good. I look forward to a developing plot. This show almost reminds me of Mai HiME in the way that costumes are designed and characters look. Of course, Mai HiME vs Sore wo Kakeru Shoujo isn’t even a question. Mai HiME was awesome. What was I talking about again?

My Suggestion: Give this a try, get through the first three episodes, and you will be hooked.

Jun Fukuyama Is An Awesome Robot

Recently, well, actually about a month ago, I started watching Sora Kake Girl for absolutely no reason. Then I forgot I started it, because I never added it to my list (this is the only way I remember what episode I am on/what shows I am watching). Today I remembered and began watching it.

I soon realized (I hadn’t the first time I watched it) that this fella:

I'm talking about the huge robot that takes up the majority of the screen.

Sounded a lot like Lelouch, from Code Geass. I thought, “This must be the same voice actor.” I checked it out and sure enough, it was Jun Fukuyama (he also voiced Keita in Inukami!). Frankly, the fact that he makes his voice sound exactly like Lelouch (He gave Watanuki in xxxHOLiC a different voice…..I thought…..a lot of seiyu do change their voices for parts) makes this character, whose name is Leopard, hilarious.

Lelouch is an awesome character, he is brilliant with his schemes, and he knows it. His voice reflects his arrogance as well, and I feel like Leopard is exactly the same. Except in reality, he is not brilliant with his schemes, but  does not know it.  Basically, Leopard is funny as shit (and shit’s pretty funny).

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I’m starting to recognize voice actors/actresses (seiyu). Yea….I guess I’ll give my first impressions too:

This show has awesome characters, so I’m getting excited.

Her expression will never change. Nor will the pitch/level of her voice. These characters are great fun.

There’s two characters that are already great. This show looks primed to be a 5 unless shit goes south.