Top OP’s Ever – Part 1 of 3 (or 4)

Everyone has a list of OPs (or I made that up). This is MINE.

I used to ALWAYS skip the OPs to anime. Then I wised up and started watching them. If I don’t like an OP, then I’ll skip it of course, but if I like one, well obviously I’ll watch it. It’s because of OPs and EDs really that I cam to know Chatmonchy, greatest band ever.

So here are OP’s of all time (that I like anyway). I should point out that if I start an anime after I post this, and the OP is the best ever, it’s not going to make the list…no way in hell I’m editing every single number to plug it in somewhere.

I base them on the animation (lightly), the music (heavily), and how it fits the mold of the anime it opens (middle-ly). Here’s how the layout will go:

Song Rank. Anime Title – Band/Singer Name: Song Name

You got that? Not to hard to understand really. Anyway, I may write something about the song under the video (If I can find the video), I also may not. If I get any song names wrong or something, feel free to correct me and call me a huge idiot.

44. Fullmetal Alchemist OP 4 – Asian Kung Fu Generation: Rewrite

43. Chobits – Round Table ft. Nino: Let Me Be With You

People will look to me and ask, “Why do you like this song? Are you a woman?” and I will whisper…..”No.”

42. Trigun – Tsuneo Imahori: Kaze Wa Mirai ni Fuku

Awesome OP. Just awesome. Trigun ruled.

41. Bokusatsu Tenshido Dokuro-Chan – Saeko Chiba: Bokusatsu Tenshido Dokuro-Chan

This has got to be the funniest show/OP ever made. It was wayyyyy too short though (the anime not the OP). I wish it was longer. Even if you hate anime you would think this show was fucking hilarious (says me).

40. Kemeko Deluxe! – Featured Seiyu: Kemeko Deluxe? (not really sure on the name)

A lot of the lyrics make no sense, or have nothing to do with the actual anime: “Jesus Jesus Jesus kami-sama.” (kami-sama means God in case you aren’t aware). This is one of the reasons why it’s great. Also, the seiyu are singing, which I always like for some reason.

39. Negima!? – Featured Seiyu: 1000% SPARKLING!

Once again we have Shaft doing it’s thing as far as OPs are concerned. Cool animation does a good job here, along with the great song. The actual song varies episode to episode, as different seiyu sing parts each time. This is kind of like the OP for the original Mahou Sensei Negima, where different variations of the song were used throughout the show. I like.

38. xxxHOliC – Suga Shikao: 19sai

Compared to others already put up, nothing really stands out about this OP, but for some reason I like it a lot. So fuck you.

37. Kamisama Kazoku – Mai Mizuhashi: Brand New Morning

What can I say? The song is great. And the animation with the black silhouettes with the colored lips in the beginning is great. The beginning of this OP is what got it on the list though. I wish the quality of this video didn’t suck, but since my lazy ass didn’t upload shit, I can’t really complain.

Another note: I saw this OP and thought….”this show looks dumb.” I later watched the show, and loved it.

36. Naruto – GO!!!: Fighting Dreamers

I love the song even though Naruto is kinda gay. I mean I loved it at first…..but the fillers killed this series. Plus its fucking everywhere……enough. Great vid though.

35. Bleach – The Beat Crusaders:TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT!

Let me first point out that the Beat Crusaders suck, but I love this OP. I like the animation, and I like the song (well, I like all the songs on this list, but you get the idea).

Well that ends the first of several posts, which I think will be around three, but now I might split it up into 4. Who knows?

…..God damn I hope I numbered everything correctly.

Asura Cryin’ 4 – Takatsuki or Misao???

Before I go into the fact that this series gets better every episode, and that this episode was awesome as well, I would like to shortly state that:

I can’t decide who I like better, Takatsuki or Misao. Takatsuki has different colored eyes, her seemingly split personality, and the fact that she can catch and melt bullets all equate to her ruling. That being said, Misao is an awesome cool ghost who has arguably the best lines in the show. Let’s look at the facts:

Nothing too weird here.

Nothing too weird here.

Their hands accidentally touch. In anime, this means something awkward is going to happen.

Their hands accidentally touch. In anime, this means something awkward is going to happen.



Accidently Incinerates the spoon into ash.....atually, there wasn't even any ash left.

Accidently Incinerates the spoon into ash.....actually, there wasn't even any ash left.



As the scene continues, Misao enters:

Guess who's in the pot?

Guess who's in the pot? I'll give you a hint.....MISAO.



At this point, it seems to be between Takatsuki’s moe (sort of) and Misao’s incredibly awesome sense of humor (puns are the best, the dumber the better). I give it up to Misao, because she rules.

Also, this scene was great:

Misao throws her fists RIGHT THROUGH HIS SKULL! But since she's a ghost they don't do anything. That's just a great scene.
Misao throws her fists RIGHT THROUGH HIS SKULL! But since she’s a ghost they don’t do anything. That’s just a great scene.

As for this episode, it contained ample humor and awesomeness. Keep in mind that they are currently all in school, and all of these events are school oriented:

If I wanted to do a screen shot of all the moments that were awesome it would be easier to just post the episode.

If I wanted to do a screen shot of all the moments that were awesome it would be easier to just post the episode.

Um, yea, this episode ruled.

The only bad thing I can say about this show is that the animation is not that great during one scene when they were talking about familiars. I mean, the eyes looked all weird and screwed up and their faces  poorly drawn. Maybe it’ the style, but I only noticed it this episode, at that one scene. Either way, the animation is usually great in my opinion.

RANDOM ASS SIDE NOTE: We (I) talked about PUNS this post. Here is a great joke I made up on the golf course once when it was incredibly hot out and I was delirious:

“What do you call a dinosaur with wings that can’t fly?”


“A pterrible-dactlyl!”

I laughed really fuckin hard at that….I made up a bunch of other ones as did Mike “Oballer” O’Brien, whom I worked with, and also got fucked over by New Britain’s budget cuts. He refused to join my awesome loincloth gang because he’s not all man.

TOP TEN FORTY PLUS OPs later this evening. Bye.

Phantom 5 – Return of the Horny Lady

That’s right, the horny lady who likes to state the obvious, whom I talked about briefly in the other review I did is back with a vengeance. She appears to be determined to have Zwei as her little “pleasure toy” if you will. Just look at all of the hints she drops:

She lets Zwei know that she's not tied down by a man or a family.

She lets Zwei know that she's not tied down by a man or a family.

She let's Zwei know that she's got some tits, and isn't afraid to use them.

She let's Zwei know that she's got some tits, and isn't afraid to use them.

She tries to loosen up Zwei's trouser snake with some alcoholic indugences.

She tries to loosen up Zwei's trouser snake with some alcoholic indulgences.

She wants Zwei to "keep her company" which of course means zoom zoom in her boom boom.

She wants Zwei to "keep her company" which of course means zoom zoom in her boom boom.

Uh ohhhh! You're all alonneeee together!!

Uh ohhhh! You're all alonneeee together!!

I would like to point out that after the last screenshot, sexy jazz music starts playing. So…do they get down and dirty and do the nasty? Nope. Looks like this whore is just a tease.

In other news, Zwei kills a women and child, which really grinds my gears (I think he’s going to lose it in the end because of this…that’s just a guess though). Too bad this show rules and assassins kick serious ass, so I can’t really be mad at something like that. I enjoy watching this show. I’m not going to say that it’s awesome and the best show ever, but I think it’s good. This episode was a lot more realistic than any of the others (ie, the assasination were actually stealthy and not a gunfight in front of a mall in broad daylight). That’s all for now, until I put up the first in a serious of three posts tonight at some point.

My Quick Thoughts on Basquash!

Every single girl is really really really horny:



They try and fit in as much sexually implicated things as possible. I guess every episode they have a new horny girl? I hear that the next episode contains a girl with enormous tits and a fetish for feet (no lie)….I haven’t watched it yet, and I am tired and sick (swine flu), so I am going to bed.

Before I do, I will say, “I want to drop this series, but the animation is fucking nasty and the characters are pretty damn cool too. The story sucks though, so I may drop it anyway. Who knows?”

That’s it…..I told you it’d be quick. (I don’t actually have swine flu, just allergies…..I think……probably).

EDIT: I guess this is the foot fetish lady:

Holy Hell those are huge.

I can’t drop it now. This show is about to get really funny. Not to mention the sudden introduction of Kugimiya Rie as little princess girl who stands on towers.

Someone who actually LIKES the nosebleeds

Someone who actually LIKES the nosebleeds

I edited this about 4 times.

Pandora Hearts Is Really Doing It

This show is a good show. So good, in fact, that I can actually put up with how stupid and dumb Alice looks as a giant stupid-dumb rabbit.

No Alice aka B. Rabbit......YOU'RE THE EYESORE!

No Alice aka B. Rabbit......YOU'RE THE EYESORE!

The key that unlocks the door to this series kicking ass, is it’s combination of FMA style funniness (I feel like it’s similar, as the characters’ appearances change when during funny moments….I like that) and the awesome-ness of Alice, who is as awesome tsundere. I will now explain the entire post with only two screen shots, which occurred right after each other:

Here, she lets her emotions, that she rarely if ever expresses, fly.

Here, she lets her emotions, that she rarely if ever expresses, fly.

Not only is Alice back tou her usual, awesome, bitchy self, but comedy is used and face styles have changed.

Not only is Alice back to her usual bitchy self, but comedy is used and face styles have changed.

Also, there is a huge change in plot this episode, because the writer’s felt the need to rip off Inuyasha’s plot, which I just talked about by tremendous coincidence:

Shikon Jewel = Alice's Memory

Shikon Jewel = Alice's Memory

It worked the first time, as I loved Inuyasha, and it’s obviously going to be a lot different with Pandora Hearts, as the only similarity is that they are a team of people looking for fragments.

Pandora Hearts is doing great, and yes, I did change the layout again.

If Only Raditz Knew Bas Rutten

Yes, I am watching the edit of Dragonball Z, DBZ Kai. I am doing this because Dragonball Z is awesome. Period.

One thing I noticed while re-watching this re-distribution was that Raditz was not a very good fighter. I mean, if you take the strength factor out, he really doesn’t have much fighting skill.

If only he had searched out the help and fighting prowess of Bas Rutten. I mean honestly, he wouldn’t have even died. Take a look:

A simple move could be used here.

A simple move could be used here.

Well…..what could Raditz have done here? Well, if you’ve ever seen Bas Rutten, then you know exactly how this problem could have been solved:

Heel!.....Heel to the groin!

Heel to the groin!


Haha, what a fucking stupid title. Purposely stupid I might add. I was trying to get myself back into watching some shows after taking pretty much a whole week off, and I made the silly mistake of watching D.Gray-Man, episode number 42. Here is what I decided upon completion:

D.Gray-Man has been in trouble for some time with me. Honestly, it’s boring, shitty, and dumb. Instead of giving it a bailout and letting D.Gray-Man waste it on a fucking jet, I’m just going to say, “If you can’t cut it, get the fuck outta here.” Therefore, no more mister “oh I finish every show I watch blah blah blah.” D.Gray-Man? You’re gettin laid off, and it’s not due to the budget.


If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

If D. Gray Man was live action and starred these guys, it might actually be watchable.

Premise? People killing demons. Can’t miss right? I used to think that was true. But D.Gray-Man misses the mark like Tyler Perry understands comedy. Basically the Millennium Earl (only cool character in the show besides the Noah clan.) makes deals with people who lost a dear friend to the icy grip of death. “I’ll bring you pal back,” he says. They agree and turn said person into a demon, which promptly kills said person and assumes their identity. The job of Allen and the other Exorcists (seen above in Live Action view), is to kill them and stop the Earl.

Basically, the plot is generic, the fighting is boring and repetitive, and the characters sucks tremendous dick. Wait, if they actually sucked some dick, it might make them slightly interesting, and the show might be better. THE CHARACTERS WERE BORING AS FUCK. The only thing interesting about any of them was their “special” fighting ability. Fucking retarded. I had originally started watching this because I had heard that it starts slow and then picks up and actually gets nasty. After 42 episodes of shit, I don’t care anymore.

12 things that suck, but are still better than D. Gray Man:

  1. Custard Pie (not a fan)
  2. The Terms and Conditions of my Bank (I don’t have enough funds apparently, so fuck you TD Banknorth, I’ll take my busness elsewhere)
  4. Fucking a fat chick (unless you like that sort of thing which is fine)
  5. Getting spit on by a llama (gun or mammal)
  6. Having mediocre sex with a mediocre girl and later finding out it’s actually your cousin
  7. Any other type of unwanted sexual experience
  8. Watching Apocolypto twice in a row (is that spelling right? I don’t care that movie SUCKED)
  9. Tyler Perry’s House of Pain NO
  10. Finally beating a tough level in a game, only to have the game shut off unexpectedly during the save, causing all of your data to be lost
  11. Getting beat up by a midget dwarf little person.
  12. A gay porn named, “D. GAY Man”

D. Gray Man sucks. I liked it for a few episodes, but fuck, even in the beginning they made a very simple plot seem difficult to understand. Bottom line is that this show sucks because:

  1. The Characters are uninteresting and boring.
  2. The Plot was written by a coalition of 3 second graders and camel named Paul, all of whom suck at writing plots.
  3. The  Fighting was more boring than the characters. In fact, Here is every single fight scene:

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

Someone yells that there are demons....everyone is surprised, except me.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

The demons don't put up a fight as the heroes beat them using generic fighting moves like shooting, biting, kicking, or hitting them with a hammer.

Wow. Stupid. At least make the demons different. For every 200 demons that appear, there is usually only one who’s sole purpose isn’t to get blown up after 2 seconds by the same fuckin attack. Jesus Christ I’ve had enough…..guess what D.Gray-Man? You get a fucking

FINAL GRADE = 2 (2/8)

If someone can give me one good reason why I should pick this back up than do so, you can give spoiler I don’t care….in fact I encourage it. I’m just happy I’m finally rid of this show, and was able to vent some anger.

More layoffs to come. (for the  record, I voted for Obama and I actually agree with a lot of what he’s doing….except the bailouts….I’m not gonna get in a political debate though, so If you wanna say something political, expect a rude retort that is NOT political, or a deleted comment).

Sengoku Basara – Episode 4

I’m back baby I’m back, back on my bullshit (-50 Cent…but I used it referring to anime as “my bullshit”….ugh…). So I started this episode, then my computer shut off, then I came back a few hours later and finished it. Afterward, I was so inspired that I wrote this shitty fucking review that you are now reading. Too bad for you.

To tell the truth, this episode contained no fighting, aside from Shingen & Yukimura having one of their “talks”.

This is how REAL MEN talk.

This is how REAL MEN talk.

This sucks because now there’s no “duel of the week”, however, from this episode, we can learn that the next episode is going to kick/rape/destroy serious ass.

In episode 4, they basically, set up for a massive war between Oda, Tokugawa, and Nagamasa; and Shingen, Kenshin, and Date everyone. The war, is going to kick ass and I’m excited as fuck because:

Tokugawa Ieyasu

This is another character design I didn’t like (besides Kenshin, who appears to be a huge vage). Ieyasu (the eventual unifier of Japan, (in actual history anyway) pictured above) should be a fat, wrinkly man. I wrote and essay on this shit (which was the funniest thing I ever wrote, since I just made up whatever facts I wanted and through them in):

The REAL Tokugawa Ieyasu

For your information, I actually went back in time with a camera and took this picture of Ieyasu. It’s not a painting, he literally looked like that. That’s probably why most people called him Tokugawa “Saggy-Face” Ieyasu.

I also feel as though this is a good time to tell everyone that I sometimes pronounce Japanese names in different ways, for example, I may say Tokugawa Ieyasu, or Ieyasu Tokugawa. technically speaking, the first one is the correct way in Japanese, but neither is really wrong. I go both ways, depending on how I feel.

In a totally unrelated, but somewhat related topic, the professor that I wrote said essay wrote a book that I really want.

How come whenever I do an episode review of this damn show I end up talking about actual history somehow? I should have become an Asian Art History Professor (although that includes India and China. And China sucks…..India has some cool stuff in it though).

EDIT: Looks like I might have strep throat! Hooray! (sarcasm because I can’t miss class with finals coming up, so I have to go to class sick).

Anime Slump? Or Ambition GONE??

I think I’ve said this before, but I wanted to know if I’m the only one this happens to. Usually, when it comes to watching anime, I go through highs and lows. For example, for x amount of time, I may look forward to watching some anime, like “Damn I can’t wait to watch some anime later.” However, there are also times where I think, “I’m bored, but I really don’t want to watch any anime.”

Here’s a graph:

I'm somewhere in that lull right now.

I'm somewhere in that lull right now.

For the past 5 days or so, I have literally watched 1-2 episodes of anime, and I didn’t even enjoy them that much. Hopefully I’m not getting sick of anime permanently, as I would like to enjoy it for at least a few more years before shit like an actual job takes over my life (I forgot I’m going to be an elementary school art teacher).

I’m debating stopping watching shows week to week, as this could be a main cause as to why I have no ambition to watch anything right now. I kind of just started watching shows week to week, as I usually wait for them to finish and then just marathon them over the course of a few days. Of course, it could have been the fact that it was like, 90 this weekend, to nice to stay indoors. Who knows?

Basically, I was just wondering if anyone else goes through times where they just don’t want anything to do with anime,.

So how bout it?

EDIT: I almost got through Sengolu Basara today, but then my laptop decided to stop being on for the 85th time in the last 4 hours. Damn heat.

Reminiscing of Inuyasha

I was looking at OP’s to put in my Top OP post that will eventually be put up some day, and when I got to Inuyasha, I was found myself immediately brought back to the great times when I was watching said show, and reading said manga. To be honest, I was thinking about moving it down on my top ten, but after receiving such a huge wave of euphoria from just watching parts of the OP’s, I’m certain that It’s going to be number one for a really long ass fucking time.


Inuyasha is fucking great.

BACKGROUND: I started Inuyasha on a whim. Usually, I would watch Dragonball Z on cartoon network every day at 5, right after Reboot (another sick show). It was around this time when I discovered Adult Swim, and watched it for some show (I can’t remember which show). But Inuyasha always came on after the show I watched. I thought it looked fucking stupid. In my mind, I thought that Inuyasha was about Kagome (I thought her name was Inuyasha….I didn’t have any understanding of anime/Japanese Language at this time), who had a bow, and it reminded me of Sailor Moon. Then one night I watched it. Then I watched it again. And eventually, it grew on me. Then Youtube was created, and suddenly Inuyasha was available 24/7. Through YouTube, I also learned of other anime like Bleach and Naruto, and became the obsessed fuck I am today.

Inuyasha Rules Because:

The first reason I can think of is the characters, which is always the most important part of any anime, movie, tv show, or novel. In Inuyasha, we have a half demon who wields a power absorbing sword that gets progressively nastier, a schoolgirl who is actually a reincarnation of a priestess, an ass-grabbing monk with a cursed hand that, when unleashed, acts as a black hole, a demon killer whose brother is under Naraku’s control, and is technically dead, and an annoying little fox demon. Naraku, in case you’re wondering, is the bad demon, which takes too long to explain, because he’s so multi-facited. Also we have said priestess, who is dead, but remains animated by feeding off of souls of the dead. Every character is so unique, but more importantly, they all have huge background that contain mass amounts of depth.

The plot is also pretty good. The general plot to be honest is kind of generic. A crystal, known as the Shikon Jewel, broke into a gazillion tiny pieces, and now Inuyasha and said characters are trying to gather said pieces before Naraku does, because said jewel is very powerful. Sango’s (demon slayer) dead brother is actually kept alive by a shard. And the backgrounds of the character add a LOT to the plot (rhyme). It involves:

  • Demons
  • Feudal Japan
  • Revenge Theme (everyone has a reason to kill Naraku)

Inuyasha covers every genre ever. Romance, fantasy, horror (not really, I guess some people could see it as horror), adventure, comedy, magic, you name it. It doesn’t mecha. That’s fine because I generally don’t watch a lot of mecha.

The OP’s rule, as I discovered when I was listing to them. I used to listen to them all the time. (my computer crashed so I no longer have them).

Dude, serious, I fucking love this show. I wish that it went on forever (which kind of happened with the manga, which was fine with me). The end of the manga was great too. It was pretty corny, but it was great.

Best Part:

Band of Seven Arc

The Band of Seven

The Band of Seven had a dude with claws, and awesome leader, a huge dude, a gay dude that I thought was a girl until someone called him a “him”, a machine dude, a poison dude, and a guy with a bazooka.

Worst Part:

Fucking gay 100th Episode

Fuck you dude.

The 100th episode had everyone get trapped by a guy who isn’t strong at all, and they all discovered that they all need Inuyasha, and that he’s one to be counted on and all that bullshit.

Best Character:

Demon Inuyasha

I don’t even need to elaborate.

Worst Character:


Fucking do something productive.

Shippo serves no purpose at all. He’s not cute, not strong, and for the most part, just gets in the way. Fuck you Shippo.

This also led to some of the BEST PARODIES EVER:


To this day, I still quote the “See ya later Larry!” saying. In fact, for the most part, that’s I say goodbye. The other parodies are probably better than this one. The Preview to the 8th one is awesome.

I’d also like to point out that the ONLY ANIME RELATED item I ever bought was Inuyasha Feudal Combat. It was good only because I like Inuyasha.

Bottom Line: Inuyasha Rules. They should have continued the anime through the manga. I would watch the fillers and like them. Did I mention that the movies were fucking awesome? They were. And what the fuck. I wanna see the Black Tessaiga Special that was shown at the Rumic World convention thingy. WHERE IS THAT SHIT? PUT A DVD OUT OR SOMETHING!