Rosario + Vampire Capu2 = Series Review

I literally just finished watching the final episode of the season…..what are my thoughts? Well overall I thought that it was a decent season, definetly better than the first season. There’s really only one way to break down a series in my opinion, and that’s to list the Pros and Cons. Oh here’s a picture:



  • Every episode didn’t consist of Moka turning into her other self and kicking someone’s ass, and then that person becoming friends with everyone.
  • I actually laughed a bit.
  • There were some new characters
  • There were scenes where the characters acted like characters. Like they would say stuff like “Wait, didn’t this happen last episode?” I love that stuff. I think it’s called “breaking the 4th wall”. Not sure/too lazy too check.
  • The general plots of each episode were better than last season. Did I already say this? Not really but kinda.
  • uh…..hmm……I guess I thought that the scenes where Tsukune and Moka would say each others names were funny because they were so repetitive.


  • I must admit, the part that I literally just mentioned with the names? Kinda got old and pissed me off a bit in this last episode. Well I didn’t get pissed (who gets pissed over a cartoon?) but still. Move on.
  • There was no major plot twist. Come on people change something! All it is is repetition and pointless ecchi. I mean occationally its funny, but honestly, throw a twist like (SPOILER COMMING HERE >)have Tsukune become a vampire. I think we all want to see that. I thought it happened on this episode but it was only “Moka’s powers that were lended to him”

All in all this show was fine. I checked to see new episodes and I got excited when they came out (not in the pants but you know). Since I gave the last season a 5, and I said that this season was better (but it was really mostly the same) I will deliever Rosario + Vampire Capu2 a:


Here’s another picture to emphasize the show and make this post more potent to the eyes:

Mizore has cool hair, cool lolipop stick in mouth, cool stalker image, and....wait who does her voice again? Also she can turn things to ice which it?)

Mizore has cool hair, cool lolipop stick in mouth, cool stalker image, and....wait who does her voice again? Also she can turn things to ice which it?)


Recently, I have been watching this show. I’m about halfway done with it, and so far I think its pretty good, and has the possibility to kick ass if it wants to. Now this show seems so far to be a show with no running plot, although it does hint that there is one. For the most part, it deals with Watanuki, a kid that can see, and is bothered by demons. He is drawn somehow int a strange house where he meets Yuuko, who is pretty much a witch, that grants wishes for an equal cost. He ends up working for her, because she solves his problems of being pestered by demons, and she makes him cook and clean while she spends all day getting hammered.PICTURE!

Jesus Christ this took long to find. You lot better stare this down for at least 20 minutes before continuing out of gratitude.

Jesus Christ this took long to find. You lot better stare this down for at least 20 minutes before continuing out of gratitude.

There’s Yuuko, there’s Watanuki. Not pictured are Domeki (Watanuki’s one-sided rival and friend, although he claims that he hates Domeki), and Himawari (his bitch, love interest or so he wishes). Basically every episode there’s something different that they have to do, ranging from a wish to grant to some demon-related mystery or artifact. Usually these shows can annoy me, but this one is so original that I find that it can be labeled as awesome. Now I’m going to stop, because I want to watch some. Oh wait I was gonna say:

This show can be kick ass if it develops farther on the other “love interest” (some random girl that is really shy and is some kind of sprite) and they need to have something happen. That is all. Well, here’s one for the road:

Sick OP.

Venus Versus Virus? Hmm…

Recently and randomly I was relentlessly rambling on youtube listing…fuck….LISTENING to Rakim and other real rappers ripping rymes, when I stumbled across a preview for some anime called Venus Versus Virus. I have never heard of this before, and although normally I would be like “I don’t care, I’m not gonna watch this”, I decided that I would view it, simply because the name was an alliteration. So anyway, I watched this and immediatly put it on “The List”. I haven’t updated the one on this site in a while. Maybe I’ll update it now. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself. Here’s a picture:

This image alone gives me enough reason to watch this show.

This image alone gives me enough reason to watch this show.

What do these eyes remind me of? I’d have to say Inuyasha. Then I read the wiklipedia for this one character, the main character, Sumire. And I found out, that she is pretty much a complete rip off of Inuyasha.

Really Jeff?  How so?

Well here let me explain using bullets:

  • Like Inuyasha, she is pretty much human when not in this form (ie: personality)
  • Like Inuyasha, she can turn into something very much non human, that only wants to kill, and doesn’t care who it is (it could be the bad guy, it could be grandma Sue, it really doesn’t matter.)

Still confused? Go (re)watch Inuyasha 4 times and I’ll explain in pictures:


Normal (except for I guess the ears, eyes, sword...)

Normal (except for I guess the ears, eyes, sword...)

He wants to kill you.

He wants to kill you.


Normal Girl

Normal Girl

She wants to kill you.

She wants to kill you.

Rip offs don’t bother me if they’re good. You can make 50 rip offs of Inuyasha and I’d watch every one. Of course, I should watch this show before I make assumptions.

EDIT: I had to “change” listing to listing. And from now on, when I re-read posts I make and find mistakes, I will change them (if I feel like it) so that people notice how bad I am at typing. I’m actually not that bad at spelling, although I did spell the word “Grocery” “Grochery” the other day when telling my mom what to buy at the store, which was watermelon….convieniantly, the Stop and Shop had none, therefore it sucks)

Chaos;Head Review

I must admit, I know how to pick em’. Chaos;Head was awesome. The good thing about short anime is that it doesn’t drag out, there are no fillers, and…..well….they’re short. And Chaos;Head did not disappoint.

Here are some Pros of this anime:

  • Dynamic Characters
  • A good share of “BAM” moments (for the record…a “BAM” moment is any twist, plot/character change, or moment that makes you pump your fist and go “Aww fuck yea!”. “BAM” moments are huge boosts in my ratings)
  • Good animation
  • No dull moments
  • A covering of many topics and/or events
  • Unique/cool fighting
  • Unique/cool abilities
  • An awesome plot that slowly builds up the fire to an ending

Here are some Cons:

  • I guess the ending could have been better, I’ll get to that shortly

Well there you have it. I don’t want to spoil anything or give anything away, but I’m going to anyway. If you don’t want anything spoiled, don’t read the stuff after the nice picture, and go watch the show. It’s only like, 12 episodes.


Easily the awesomest thing ever


Yea, so these are spoilers. I don’t know how to hide them, so if you don’t want the anime half ruined, don’t fuckin read this. The thing I really liked about this anime was how the main character, Takumi, developed from an anti-social pussy into a guy with balls who wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He got himself a sword and fought like a man. Of course, I wouldn’t go so far as to consider him a bad ass; and truth be told the ending “fight” was kind of a let down. It almost reminded me of the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion, in that it was a bunch of thoughts in his brain and pretty much bullshit, except Neon Genesis made it last for 24 minutes, and Takumi only had like 2 delusions before he came to his senses. More to come on Neon Genesis Evangelion. That show messed with me. Anyway, the final fight? Yea there was pretty much no actual fighting. I’d rather they just have Takumi come in and fuck the bad guy, Norose, but instead they played mind games. Another thing that bothered me was that it seemed like they tried to squeeze a bit too much info. into the last episode, and the explaination on deafeating Noah II was kind of weak. In my opinion they should have added another episode in to explain the rivers or whatever……of course, maybe I’m just an idiot that doesn’t pay attention.  Still, the end doesn’t take away from the fact that this anime kicked more ass than Bill the Ass kicker.

Why I hate the Yankees

They are ruining baseball with their relentless spending. Well you know what? I don’t really give a fuck they still suck dick. Have fun joining the Yankees C.C., A.J., and Teixeira.






Look even their fans are homos.

Look even their fans are homos.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well, make your own decisions. But still, listen to this 100% accurate and true story WARNING VERY EXPLICIT CONTENT (like really, this shit is gross, and this one isn’t even bad):

One day I was walking down the streets of New York, which is a great city don’t get me wrong, I love New York. But I was walking down the street, and up come these three kids and their dog. Upon seeing me, a well recognized figure in the eye of the public, they begin to rigorously strip, and immediately begin fondling each other in several homo-erotic ways with many parts of the body. Then, while one of them was sucking another’s previously flacid man-pole, another began to shit uncontrolably on the pair of them, while he wildly fondled the balls of their large German Shepard. This caused each of them to have bowel movements, and they begin having a circle jerk in the middle of Broadway, covered in their own human fecal matter! A group begins to arrive, mainly of Yankee fans and asians with cameras, and the sexually confused and morally wrong trio simultaneously bust to the notion of being watched. They then begin to double team one individuals shit-covered-anus with both or their inappropriate-for-child’s-eyes-or-anyone’s-eyes-for-that-matter-fuck-sticks at the same time, quite vigorously, util his ass tears and he begins bleeding uncontrolably. This causes a small group squirt, followed by a huge group cum. One of the bystanders who was wearing Yankee hat applaudes, seeming impressed.

“Not bad, but my wife, daughter, and three-year-old son do it better.” he says, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“What do you call yourselves?” asks a disgusted woman in a Mets hat.

The trio stands up, covered in shit and blood and sweat and piss and cum, and declare proudly “Typical Yankee Fans.”

I missed the part where the kids were pissing because I was busy throwing up in a trash can. I couldn’t sleep for weeks after that, due to the hororrs caused by this incedient. However, I learned at that moment, that Yankees fans were just as bad as their owners, players, and other associates, and they all deserve to be sent to Russia or China, aka the two dumbest countries ever. Expecially China. It’s a polluted mess of shit. I hate China. But honestly, the Yankees SUCK and anyone reserves the right to fuck up any Yankee fan they see. Unless their pregnant. Or have cancer. That’s just fucked up.

NOTE: Think that story was gross? It’s called an Aristocrats Joke. Look into it. Bob Saget does a funny one. So does Gilbert Gottfried.

To LOVE-Ru – The Most Original anime EVER?

I can honestly say, that To LOVE-Ru has GOT to be HANDS DOWN the most original anime ever. It’s a fairly new manga/anime, and it’s about an alien girl named Lala that comes to earth and suddenly becomes engaged (and falls in love almost immediately with no second thoughts) with a random kid named Rito because he accidentally grabs her knockers. But of course, Rito likes a different girl from his class, and suddenly he has to deal with this, along with the sudden introduction to a large assortment of aliens and weird creatures that seem to appear every episode. Defiantly totally original. I might as well rate this. I’ve seen the anime so far and I actually kind of like it. It’s honestly pretty funny…sometimes. Haven’t read the manga, but it looks like it might be funnier (I think the same thing about Rosario + Vampire, they’re pretty much the same show excluding differences in plot).

This is how you get engaged on this girl's planet. See how it might cause some problem's?

This is how you get engaged on this girl's planet. See how it might cause some problem's?

Wow what an original plot. Now for no particular reason I will talk about Urasei Yatsura. Another manga turned anime from the early 90’s or late 80’s or suttin. I’m reading it now because apparently it was really popular, therefore it must be good. What’s it about again? Oh now I remember! An alien girl named Lum lands on earth and by accident, suddenly becomes engaged (and falls in love almost immediately w ith no second thoughts) with a kid named Ataru, but hold on, he likes another girl! And now he has to deal with this and the introduction of a large assortment of aliens and weird creatures that seem to appear every episode (or chapter). I’m reading this, and it’s ok. Personally, it needs to hurry up and end, but I’m only a third done, which is something like chapter 125 or so. Tedious.

I have nothing to say. This is a boring manga for the most part.

I have nothing to say. This is a boring manga for the most part.

 For those of you who are total morons, I was trying to insinuate through the use of obviousness and sarcasm that To LOVE-Ru is not original at all.  And in fact has the exact same plot as Urasei Yatsura. (it’s hard to believe, but there are some people that wouldn’t get that). For the record, the characters do have different personalities. Example: (To LOVE-Ru = Pink               Urasei Yatsura = Green)

Rito = A nice guy, but always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ataru = Will try to fuck anything with tits the moment he sees them.

Lala = Acts like a blonde girl.

Lum = Electrocutes Ataru regularly (she’s a bitch)

Other Girl = Shy.

Other Girl = I forget.

Still, To LOVE-Ru totally ripped UY off. But I think it’s still the better of the two.