world of warcraft is awesome

Because what’s better than a computer game that encourages kids and even older adolescents to stay inside, sit on their presumably fat asses, and mindlessly run around in a nonexistent fairy land all the while severely decreasing their social and intellectual status? I swear to God even if this game were fun, which I don’t see how it can be, it has got to be the dumbest thing ever invented. Almost as dumb as the people who play it. I mean, I watch a lot of anime but at least I have a life. When I think of these certain individuals, the following images come to mind:

Instead of books on those empty shelves, you spent all your money on computer games and warcraft figurines. Youre a real winner in life.

Instead of books on those empty shelves, you spent all your money on computer games and warcraft figurines. You're a real winner in life.

Good job 37 year old Bill, it looks like all those years of schooling paid off, now you’re able to get the job you always wanted, playing computer games in your small, shitty apartment and/or mom’s basement.

What a waste of life.

What a waste of life.

Smart thinking jerk-off-john, go out and get yourself a fuckin job. Do something with your life. At least get outside and run. Tan your white, paste-like skin. I hate these kinds of people almost as much as I hate hippies and people with blogs. Wanna know something else that pisses me off? People in general. If I remember, I’m going to post something about how much I hate people. I have this quote, and it goes, “I hate everyone, my friends are just the people I hate less.” And you know something? It’s almost true. But I still try and do something with my life, I don’t become a recluse and confine myself to a basement or one of those computer centers like they have in the mall and play gay ass video games.

One time I was in the mall, and I passed one of those computer places. I saw this one kid playing world of warcraft. He was wearing a helmet. I took some time to stop and laugh in his face. After he finished cursing me in the language of the elves, I punched him in right in the cranium. Now he’s in a coma, so I have to drive all the way to St. Mary’s Hospital to laugh at his stupid ass. Looks like his plastic helmet didn’t protect him from shit.


3 thoughts on “world of warcraft is awesome

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  3. I don’t know, if you call WOW dumb then you’re calling all games dumb. If you call all games dumb, then you’re calling all forms of entertainment dumb. If you’re calling all forms of entertainment dumb, then you’re calling everyone dumb, because everything, whether it’s talking to people, watching tv, getting drunk, or playing games, is a form of entertainment and a way to pass the time. In the end, everyone dies and is reduced to nothingness.
    So it really doesn’t matter how people spend their free time, because all you have is one life, and it doesn’t really matter what you did during it because after you’re dead, that’s it, man. I’d say the people who enjoy themselves are the ones who really have “lives”, whether society deems that they have a “life” or not. Though I think it’s not really “society”, just that people have different values and ideas of what is a good way to spend your time. Personally I find “partying” one of the worst ways to spend your time and as the dumbest, gayest thing ever, but if people enjoy it, then I certainly can’t tell them that they don’t have a life because I don’t agree with it. But I think there are more social people than not, and so the majority’s opinion is that being social = good, and so the prevailing thought is that not being social means you have no life.

    To have a life is to live! To live is to enjoy living!!!

    It probably sounds like I’m defending WOW faggots but I’m not — indeed, I think many of these people who get sucked into games /2D lead very unhappy lives and so turn to games for comfort, and then it becomes their entire world because everything else is PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!
    But if they’re happy doing that, then what’s the problem?? It’s not like people are accomplishing anything by getting drunk with their friends. It’s just a way to pass time, man. And guilting people into it is bound to make people more unhappy. Not just game nerds, but those who have been taught “this is how you have to live”. I know a lot of people who “have lives” are angry and miserable since they think they “have” to do that shit even though they fucking hate it. WHO REALLY HAS THE LIFE NOW?!?!?!?!

    But what I’m really trying to say is it doesn’t matter since everyone dies. Haha faggots!

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