MISAKA (the other sister)

Today when I watched To Aru no Majutsu no Index episode 10, I discovered one of the best characters in all of anime. MISAKA, Mikoto Misaka’s “twin sister.” Why is she so awesome? well the answer is quite obvious. Narration. Want an example? Here’s three:

Toumo just asked her why she's in this section of town.

She is now helping Touma pick up cans.

It was just revealed that Touma has 2 girls living with him.

And yes, she is saying everything in the subtitles. To reiterate, she is indeed narrating her own life as if she isn’t…well…herself. This however is not weird. No, this, is awesome. Narrating your own life, why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did. Yes you heard it correctly. For a time, I used to narrate my own life. Well, not really. But if you’ve ever seen Monty Python, there’s a certain sketch where two gents are sitting in a bar, and one keeps asking the other if his wife has sex with other guys by insinuation. For Example:

He says, “Your wife does she…does she…go?”


“You know, is she…is she a GOer?”

“Why yes she goes places. We went to Australia last year.”

“I bet she’s been around eh? Eh? Does she get around HE SAID KNOWINGLY

Now I capitalize, italicize, and…..uh……boldicize the font here to make you notice it (obviously). This simple statement was reiterated (I already used that twice thus far this post…and that’s cool) many, many times in many, many different ways by me and my friends, especially Matt (www.funkyfaction.com buy some shit so he can get rich and buy my poor ass a house). simply replace the adjective “knowingly” with any other adjective. “Ambiguously” is a good fit here. And, ta-da! You now have a tag line and such. (In our high school, Matt pretty much got the whole school hooked on whatever tag line he said. Examples:

We are sporting fellos, and we sometimes take beer pong too seriously (no such thing) and so to disrupt the shots of opponents, we would relinquish our trousers, revealing boxer-briefs and sometimes male genitalia. Matt then said “Drop-Trow”, and thus the tagline: Don;t even try it, “I will immediately drop trow!” was born.

In basketball, before he shot the ball (he sucks at basketball, that and golf are the only things on earth he’s bad at, the faggot. He said “friggin hoopty.” The name grew such, that for the school dodge ball tourney, our team name was the friggin hoopties.

I don’t know how this turned into a post about Matt Parrotti, but he invented the Beanhouse as well (If you are in the beanhouse, you are drunk, the farther in you get is code for the more drunk you are. If you’re tipsy, then you are knockin at the door of the beanhouse…get it?) Here is how far that was taken:


Yea….Loo$e Change (That’s me and then MOB after) I should point out that we didn’t make the beat or make any profit off of this song etc etc. legalities.

Anyway, MISAKA. She’s fuckin awesome. So is Loo$e Change. Wow I got so far off topic it’s not even funny. Actually it is: HAHAHAHA.

Edit: For some reason I couldn’t embed the file. I’m pretty dumb so maybe that had something to do with it.


5 thoughts on “MISAKA (the other sister)

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  3. Isn’t MISAKA the one in a pedophile relationship? Or is that another one of the Misakas?

    “I’m pretty dumb so maybe that had something to do with it.”
    Yeah maybe.

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