NY Giants = Who’s the REAL coach?

Last year, I had said after the loss to the Pats, that if the Giants met them again, they would win. And as they began their playoff run, with every sick pass, catch, pick, and TD, I anointed the Giants as the Team of Destiny. And with such plays as the pass to Tyree, and the lucky missed pick that Samuel probably should have had, it seems obvious that they were indeed the team of destiny. Seeing as I never miss a game (it’s football, one of the best, most non-boring sports) I have come to a consensus with myself. They seem to be so good, so tough, and play with such blatant disregard for human life, that it leads me to believe that the coachs are no more than figure heads, and that the REAL mastermind is this guy:

Heel to the Groin! I just wanted an excuse to bring up Bas Rutten….this video is awesome.


2 thoughts on “NY Giants = Who’s the REAL coach?

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  2. The REAL coach is Tony Danza. I mean the boss. You know? The show. The show Who’s The Boss. ANGELA!

    P.S. Football is fucking flop dick

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