Higurashi no Naku Koro ni = A Series Review

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni starts off with a sick opening (one of my favorites…….I have a list of them maybe I’ll put them up. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself). Anyway, after the awesome opening, It starts of really happy. A new kid named Keiichi moves to a small village which is very laid back, and is out in the woods somewhere:

Look at these happy friends! (Yes one girl has horns, unless Im retarded, shes not in the first season, and there is a reason for the horns)

They delayed a few episodes in Sep. 07 in Japan, because a 16 yr. old girl hacked up her dad with a hachet (he died), and they didn't want to cause more trauma.

Each year they have this festival called a Watanagashi Festival. A nice, happy festival, where the towns people pay tribute to Oyashiro, their local God (God’s are poppin out everywhere these days). Here he learns that every year for the past four years, someone has gone missing the day of the festival. There are all sorts of wierd things that surround the festival, all believed to be because of Oyashiro, the local God. You know, here is this village going OUT OF THEIR WAY to give their God a festival, and all he does is take someone away. What a pisser. Anyway, soon after learning about the festival, THIS:

Happy Times with Happy Friends!

Happy Times with Happy Friends!

Turns into THIS:

Wow that’s pretty fucked up! In a good way! What makes this anime awesome though is that the plot is actually very good, and original (I’ve never seen a show with a plot of this….by the way, I didn’t explain the plot). And the way things are revealed makes it even better, you’re never given more information than you need. The first season might be confusing, but stick with it because the second season explains everything.  This show is based off of a game, and the way the game is set up makes it so that there are several question arcs (arcs that raise questions) and then several answer arcs (which answer the previously created arcs). Get it? No? Well then watch the fuckin show. I almost want to play the game because frankly, this show kicks more ass then Bill the Ass Kicker:

Even I can't kick a clouds ass...where IS a cloud's ass?

Even I can't kick a clouds ass...where IS a cloud's ass?


apathy is my friend

And wouldn’t you know it? He always comes to visit me when school is almost out for break. In fact, he’s here right now, and he brought along his friend, A.D.D. So much for typing my paper, or studying….time do go do something detrimental to my grades! Oh what luck, the Giants are on! Oh but so is Caddyshack! CONFLICT!

That was originally all I was going to say, but I feel like this is related to something else I think is important, so I’ll include it with this…I am, of course talking about pulling All-Nighters. Why are All-Nighters important? Here’s two reasons:

1. It allows you to get more done.

2. You get to experiance more of your life, instead of sleeping through it.

3. It burns more calories than sleeping.

4. Sleep is overrated.

5. You won’t sleep past breakfast, and can now enjoy some nice eggs, cereal, pancakes, waffles, syrup, or whatever.

6. It’s better for your body.

7. You’ll make more money as an adult.

8. People who pull All-Nighters have been known to acquire super powers.

9. George Bush never pulled All-Nighters.

10. People who pull All-Nighters can punch holes through brick walls……with their penis…thusly, girls can not pull All-Nighters.

I guarantee that all of these reasons are not only 100% true, but they are only a few of the reasons why All-Nighters absolutely rule. However, if you read this and start pulling all nighters nightly, get sick and die, I would like to point out not to hold me liable.