Jeff – Out indefinatly

Jeff pulled his hamstring last night while jerking off. He was apparently trying to execute a double jerk power thrust, when he heard a pop come from his left leg.

“I’m a little embarrassed, considering that I was up against an ameteur . I’m just glad couch let me finish before he took me out.”

His trainers expect Jeff to miss approximately 2 weeks before he is allowed to do light conditioning, until then, he has been told to stay away from any training and pick up games.

“This is a very common injury, and we’re seeing this more often these days,” stated Dr. Andrews, “Jeff’s case was such a bad pull, I suggested surgery, but he opted to rehab it and wait and see.”

“I just wanna hurry up and get back to where I was before the injury, especially at this point in the year, it’s a crucial time for us.” stated Jeff

RECOMMENDATION: Jeff is slated to come back in 2 weeks earliest. But it’s not certain if how long it will be before he’s back to 100%. You may want to explore more options for your fantasy league.


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