Speling doent cownt

U may or mye not haev notcied, but my speling is quiet bad. And so is my grammmer. Honeslty, i cant halp it that i type fastyrer than i think, or i should say, i tihnk to fast fo my hand to keep up, but they still try to. QWell you know what> fuck you i don tfell like going back in to post and resoint then it takes way to long and its way to tedious. So if you see any spelling mistakes feel fress to take this knew found informations and wuickly and quetly shoulvve it uright up your ass.  realize also that the shitty sleppingh/grammer, wil froever prevent my site from ebiung actually good, buth thats cuz of my typing and also because i dont proofread. Imnot gonna proofread this either, mainly because im pretty sure i typed it out prtyy good and didnt make a lot of mistakes.