Recently, I have been watching this show. I’m about halfway done with it, and so far I think its pretty good, and has the possibility to kick ass if it wants to. Now this show seems so far to be a show with no running plot, although it does hint that there is one. For the most part, it deals with Watanuki, a kid that can see, and is bothered by demons. He is drawn somehow int a strange house where he meets Yuuko, who is pretty much a witch, that grants wishes for an equal cost. He ends up working for her, because she solves his problems of being pestered by demons, and she makes him cook and clean while she spends all day getting hammered.PICTURE!

Jesus Christ this took long to find. You lot better stare this down for at least 20 minutes before continuing out of gratitude.

Jesus Christ this took long to find. You lot better stare this down for at least 20 minutes before continuing out of gratitude.

There’s Yuuko, there’s Watanuki. Not pictured are Domeki (Watanuki’s one-sided rival and friend, although he claims that he hates Domeki), and Himawari (his bitch, love interest or so he wishes). Basically every episode there’s something different that they have to do, ranging from a wish to grant to some demon-related mystery or artifact. Usually these shows can annoy me, but this one is so original that I find that it can be labeled as awesome. Now I’m going to stop, because I want to watch some. Oh wait I was gonna say:

This show can be kick ass if it develops farther on the other “love interest” (some random girl that is really shy and is some kind of sprite) and they need to have something happen. That is all. Well, here’s one for the road:

Sick OP.


2 thoughts on “xxxholic

  1. HOLIC is pretty good except when it tries to be cool and pretentious in typical CLAMP faction. It gets bonus points for Doumeki+Watanuki homo pair glory.
    Himawari’s backstory is depressing cocksucking shit though goddamn.

    Also the actual plot of this story ends up not making any sense to the extent that the creators don’t even know what’s going on. But seriously they don’t.

  2. Spoilers for all of this shit: Basically Watanuki exists to fill the hole Syaoran left by traveling to another universe, who was born to a clone of himself and a clone of Sakura, so Watanuki is the fake baby of clones of his not-self. All of this came about because Yuuko died and Clow wished she hadn’t, causing her to kind of un-die and the villain in Tsubasa, Fei Wong, to rape time and space in every universe ever because he wanted to fully revive her. Also Fei Wong is probably a creation of Watanuki’s.

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