My Recent Encounter with Shittiness

I just started watching Venus Versus Virus, but the episodes are next to impossible to find, especially since Megavideo is now gay as hell. Fortunately I found it on Anitube after a shitload of searching. However, things never seem work out correctly, and so episode 3 had the audio and video completely out of sync, which sometimes I can deal with if it’s only off by a small amount. Of course, in this case, however, it was off by oh say 20 seconds. And so I searched for another episode 3 of the series, and had to, unfortunately, settle for a dubbed episode.

Now some shows I can settle for dubbed. Inuyasha, DBZ (preferred actually, the male characters are all voiced by girls in Japanese, it sounds gay….except for Vegeta, he’s tha man), Ghost in the Shell (I can’t read the subs, all those big words confuse me) and Cowboy Bebop (never could find the subs in good quality, luckily they casted good voice actors for the dubs). Of course, I always watch anime movies in dub. I don’t know why though. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yea VVV ep. 3. I had to watch it dub. Like most dubbed anime, this sucked big, hard, slightly moist cock. Fortunately, I remembered my Lewis Black, and soon found a nearby number 2 pencil to ram into my ear. Unfortunately, this did nothing but pierce my ear drum, resulting in massive bleeding and loss of hearing. Let’s compare:……err….uh….pictures?


No pics? Ah fucker. Oh well I’ll just use my big boy words then.  Or how bout pros and cons? Yesss much better. Bullets? Yizzer.


  • In subbed anime, swears aren’t censored, or maybe the subbers just turn words like “jerk” into words like “fuckass”. Either way with swears added I feel less like a pussy for watching anime.
  • The Voice Actors. They seem more enthusiastic, and generally their emotional tones are seem much, MUCH, MUCH, less scripted then the dubbed anime. Have you ever seen American Choppers? Watch an episode and tell me they aren’t reading off of cue cards. Well, they could be voice actors for anime.
  • Content isn’t censored. Need an example? One Piece. In the American Dub, Sanji has a lollipop in his mouth constantly, and sounds like a clown. In the original version, he is a chain smoker and pretty much a badass who will kick you, except he is also a huge pussy, so he can’t be a badass. Sorry fuckass.

I like lollipops as much as the next guy, but seriously.

I like lollipops as much as the next guy, but seriously.

You know what? Why don’t I just give you the site that I robbed this picture from. It shows some of the changes that the U.S. made to the show. Here it is:

Pretty much they dumbed the show down and made it for little 2 year olds.

What tha hell was this post about originally? In every episode of Seinfeld, there is a Superman somewhere.