.hack//SIGN = ~yawn~

.hack//SIGN?? More like .hack//BORING haha! All retarded jokes aside. This is the worst anime ever made. Well maybe not, but it’s pretty bad.

Jeff, what how can you say that?

-How can I say that?

-Yes, that show was very popular.

-Yes well be that as it may, the show sucked. It was boring and gay, and if you liked it, congrats, you might be boring and gay…you should get yourself tested.

Oh wait…you want examples? Very well then, I will now sum up every episode in one conversation. This conversation, believe it or not, is in every single episode.

Mimiru: Hey Bear, have you seen Tsukasa? He can’t log out.

Bear: Yes, he left right when he realized there were people near him…what a pussy.

Mimiru: Well, those are all the lines I have in this series, time to look for the Key of Twilight, which may or may not exist. (they never find it, because I stopped watching this series at ep 23, because no plot was introduced in this boring, shitty, show). (exit Mimiru)

Bear: Time to go talk to BT

(enter BT)

Bear: I sure am a poor father in real life.

BT: I’m a bitch, and serve no purpose in this show. (exit BT)

Subaru: Ah…oh….Tsukasa…..don’t fight…..ohh. (dies….I wish)

(flash to Tsukasa in a cave)

Tsukasa: ???


Well, there you go, I just summarized the whole show, every episode in fact, in a short conversation. This show is horrible. It sucks.I don’t care how good the last 3 episodes were, the show fuckin sucked. Grrrar it was bad. Gay…suck…..gay suck. Just remembering this show makes me want to fight someone, preferably a hippie or a good for nothing lallygager.

Here’s a fuckin picture you fags:

Theres Tsukasa in front being a pussy with everyone else behind him serving no purpose and talking about nothing.

There's Tsukasa in front being a pussy with everyone else behind him serving no purpose and talking about nothing.

Tsukasa is a girl in real life. I ruined it for you, you should thank me now you don’t have to watch it. This show is a huge fuck storm of shit. Fuck shit ass cock show. This doesn’t even deserve a strange fact so shit man….fuck it….just for shits anf giggles, I’ve had this blo…I mean….ISSS up for a month now. Wow I suck.

3 thoughts on “.hack//SIGN = ~yawn~

  1. yes it is. the only reason I watche it is because someone said SAO (Sword Art Online) was using elements from it. Yes it has the idea of people trapped in a virtual world. But this is the only thing the same. And SAO has a story. Many stories in fact. Also SAO starts by changing everyone’s character to look as their real selves. I regret watching hack//sign.

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