The effect of a “BAM”

BAM moments…..why are they so great? Well, they have the ability to make someone say the following. Hold on I’ll get to it soon. Let me first finish watching this episode of Toradora! and then continue this….done….I’m starting to realize that this site cuts in heavily to my anime watching…anyway. For more the record, a “BAM” moment is any twist, plot/character change, or moment that makes you pump your fist and go “Aww fuck yea!”. “BAM” moments are huge boosts in my ratings.

Well anyway. Besides the above stated, let me first give you an example of a reaction to a BAM moment. I was online when suddenly I get an IM about Bleach…blah blah blah soo sick awesome same old same old. Then, a few minutes later he sends me a shitload of “HOLY SHITS” and I say ” What sir has got you so riled?” He replies, “Biggest BAM moment ever.” and…you know what here’s the conversation used with no consent at all:


[Name Withheld](1:13:48 AM): HOLY FUCK
[Name Withheld](1:13:49 AM): BAM
[Name Withheld](1:13:51 AM): BAM
[Name Withheld](1:13:52 AM): AND
[Name Withheld](1:13:54 AM): BAM
And then:
[Name Withheld] (1:16:11 AM): i mean that wasnt a bomb.. that was like an asteroid coming at the earth.. ppl running around screaming and dudes goin up to hot chicks like “can i screw you?” and the girls are like “hellllll to the no”.. and then they say “oh wait.. im about to die.. so yes.. yes you can.. but no kissing!”
No his Screen name is not [Name Withheld]. I didn’t want mad people IMing him. Of course, no one reads this site so it prolly wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway the show in case you were wondering was Higurashi, and yes, I told him to watch it. Here’s a picture and a top ten:
Get it?

Get it?

And then (numerically):

Top Ten BAM Anime

  1. Deathnote
  2. Code Geass
  3. Monster
  4. Bleach
  5. Chaos;Head
  6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Kai)
  7. Blood+
  8. Shakugan no Shana
  9. To Aru no Majutsu no Index
  10. Hellsing
-Jeff, why did you choose these?
-Do I really have to explain? Ah fuck.
Deathnote: Watch the show. It was pretty much a competition between Light and L to see who can have the most BAM moments. None were dull, and whoever made this show could probably rob any bank and commit any murder and never get caught.
Code Geass: Lelouch is tha man. Genius. He is very skilled with strategy, but he adds BAM moments to every one he makes and you never see it coming. Usually I hate mecha anime, but this show kicked ass….more ass in fact than  Bill the Ass-Kicker (seen below)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Kai): Did you see the conversation? Yea. Take my advice and watch it…..faggot.
Monster: Every single episode…and I mean every single episode, ends with a BAM moment/cliffhanger. I finished this in like a week and its like 76 eps.
Bleach: I kind of surprised myself when I put this up. This follows the same rules as Monster, except Monster is more along the lines of real life, where Bleach has Shinigamis and non-existant shit, which make it better than Monster cuz I love that shit, but the BAM moments are on a lower level (they’re still sick BAMers).
Chaos;Head: Uhh, I think read my review. It’s fuckin great, but the end was still  (in my opinion) rushed. Here:
Blood+: Here’s where the level of BAM changes, these last ones, while still quite BAMmy, are not as BAMmerific as the others above it. Now I saw this show a long time ago, but it was sick. There were many twists and actually, this had a good amount of quality BAM moments. This was a sick show. Fuckin awesome.
Shakugan no Shana: I fuckin love this show. There were a lot of fist pumps and “Aww shit, fuck yea”s going on.  So many, in fact, that I was sidelined from watching it due to a aggrevated tricep (too many enthusiastic fist pumps).
-To Aru no Majutsu no Index: I’m still watching this show, but it’s already got more BAM’s than alot of other shoes I’ve seen. BAM on To Aru no Majutsu no Index. BAM on.
-Hellsing: Awwwwwww shiittt BAM. Alucard. As Mike pointed out, Alucard = Dracula spelled backwards….there’s a BAM right there. And Alucard is the cause of most of the BAM moments which are intense.

Other possibilities/recommendations:
Moblie Suit Gundam 00: Supposedly intense and bountiful BAMs. By the same people who made Code Geass, so I look forward to watching this.
Trigun: It was decently BAMmy.
Lucky Number Slevin: Jeff, that’s not an anime. Fuck you shithead it was sick. Is it in my Top Ten Movies? Maybe. I really should put that Top Ten up. Maybe I will, Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself. (Guess what my favorite line from The Departed (which was also BAMmy at the end) was?)
Well all this proves is that the BAM moment is amazing. And kicks more ass than this guy:
What tha fuck is that? Is that a girl? Fucks sake.

What tha fuck is that? Is that a girl? Fucks sake.

I don’t care how big you are person above, this guy can beat you up (but not the previously stated anime):
Shit my hero.

Shit my hero.

Jeff returns to action

After weeks of rehab to repair a severed hamstring, Jeff returned to active play with an impressive performance, jerking off 21 times, including 5 rebounds and an assist, in 24 minutes of play.

“It felt good to get back out there, like it felt really good,” Jeff said afterward, “although, by the end I started developing a blister, so I had to stop, but the doc helped me out and I should be good to go.”

Jeff had hurt himself in what some believed was simply an aggrevated pull, but as it turned out, his hamstring was severed in several places. How he managed to do this while taming his wild shaft is anyones guess, but how he returned after only a few short weeks is even more bewildering.

“I guess this is what God meant for me to do, so I guess I just have to keep doing my part and give it my all.”

RECOMMENDATION: Well, Jeff seems to be back in form, and says he feels better than ever. It might be wise to wait and see, because we’re Yahoo, and we have no clue what we’re talking about.