Konata Izumi

I recently discovered/watched a Lucky Star OVA. Lucky Star, in case you were wondering, sucks. It’s fuckin dumb. But, I also like it a lot, mainly because of Konata, who is probably in my top ten for anime characters (I’ll put that up some day, I have like, a million top tens). Here are a few screen-shots that I diligently put together through use of print screen, that may help explain why she’s so cool.

It's a volleyball game. Shes diving for a ball that was crushed and in real life would be impossible to return. Oh wait, I forgot, girls suck at sports.

And then, the afterthought:

Never a dull moment.

Not impressed? Fuck you. They should make a spin off show where she’s the main character. Or better yet, just continue the show. (This was a lot better in video form). See what I mean? Cook animation.

Let’s do some Pros and Cons:


  • Rarely opens her eyes, which looks cool.
  • Only funny person in the show.
  • Blue hair.
  • Doesn’t give a shit. (my dictionary says that “doesn’t” isn’t a word…apparently “isn’t” isn’t either)
  • I really can’t make a list, if you watch the show you’d notice stuff better.


  • She doesn’t have her own show (although she is kinda the main character of Lucky Star)

Where does she rank on my Top Ten Characters in Anime list? Find out next time as it will be my next post (if I remember). Shit I’m tired.