Top Ten Anime Characters

Well, I love Top Ten lists, I mean, doesn’t everyone? As of now I have a lot of them made, and will slowly put more and more up. This one is the Top Ten Anime Characters, as you could tell from the title. If you can’t tell from the title, then you still have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about. Anyway, enough with the pointless chit-chat, on to the characters!

10. Vash the Stampede

Vash is the man. He’s nasty at shooting, he’s lucky, he’s not afraid to get shot. Also, he looks like the man, and as Oballer just pointed out, “he’s mad smart and killed legato bluesummers (a well known bad ass mofo)” You know, I had never watched Trigun. Then I did. Then I realized that he was the man and the show was awesome. It was debated for a while to see who gets the 10 spot, but Vash deserved it because he always fights for what’s right……God damn that sounds gay as fuckin hell. Scratch that. He’s ten because he’s nasty at fighting and always wins. And when you learn more about him as the series plays on, you’ll see other reasons why he’s sick (I don’t want to spoil it).

9. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach (durr). He’s the man….sort of. Why is he so cool (or nifty, if you prefer)? Well doing pros and cons on every single character is dumb, so I’ll briefly explain. At first he’s just your average, everyday kid. He goes to school, has friends, lives at home, and sees ghosts, nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out he’s got mad power, becomes a Shinigami, and rapes young women…well everything but the last part is true. For the record, rape is not cool. He’s almost a bad ass, but he fights to protect things and is heroic, which is cool and all (and is the only reason a good guy fights in any anime (aside from one or two people up higher on the list), but a bad ass doesn’t give a shit, he just kicks ass. So Ichigo, for now you get 9.

8. Light Yagami

Light Yagami. Also your everyday kid. Until he finds a Deathnote on the ground, a book where you write someones name in it, and they die. There’s more to it but I’m lazy so I don’t want to explain. I know I suck. Anyway, instead of sealing the book away so no one can use it for evil. He decides to use it for evil. Finally a show who’s main character is a serial killer. But don’t worry, he only kills bad guys. This show contains many intense BAM moments, and Light, a genius, is the cause of them. He is prolly the most BAMmiest character out there, next to L, also in the show, and Lelouch, from Code Geass. Deathnote is awesome, I mean, as long as you realize it’s not real life and go do something dumb to imitate the show…….wowwww.

7. Alucard

Alucard, from Hellsing, which I need to give a 5^^ since I rated it WAY too low, is nasty. He serves as Hellsing’s “trump card”. In other words, he’s fuckin nasty at fighting. Why is he so good? Well first of all, he looks sick, he’s a complete BAD ASS (he just wants to kill you…despite this, he’s loyal to Hellsing), he’s a vampire (vampires are cool), and no matter what happens, whether he’s killing, getting dismembered, standing, sleeping, etc…..he’s always got a nice, big, smile on his face. He’s fuckin awesome, so is Hellsing.

6. Spike Spiegel

Spike is the man. He’s always got that smirk on his face, and no matter what’s going on, whether it’s a shootout or a fight, he stays cool, calm, and collected, kicks some ass, and he’s on his way. He isn’t afraid of anything and is all around a nasty mutha fucka. Jeez this show was sick, it’s on like, all of my top tens…..oh wait….I haven’t put them all up yet. EDIT: I was going to put this as number ten in my top ten anime, then I decided not to.

5. Pikachu

Gotcha. Fake number 5, just to keep you on your toes.

5. Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi, from Lucky Star, aka, the worst best best worst anime ever, is awesome, so she’s number 5. Pretty much, this is me in terms of personality, except Konata takes it to a different, slightly higher, extreme. (I refuse to do cosplay). She likes anime/manga, video games (I don’t really play much anymore though….I did just buy an Xbox, but it broke, so I’m getting it exchanged (for free cuz I’m a well known person) and Mirror’s Edge is awesome), slacks amazingly well (an attribute to be proud of), and is apathetic, but full of energy. She rules.

I AM SO FUCKIN TIRED..oh well the show must go on…

4. Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenpachi is the man (I’ve said that pretty much about everyone), and is the second person used from Bleach in this countdown. He is the world’s BAD ASS. Like Alucard, he’s always smiling when he’s fighting. He loves to fight. Oh…you sliced his chest open? Just makes him happier. By the way, he’s such a BAD ASS that he wears an Eye Patch that seals away most of his energy, and bells on his hair to make fights more even, because if they’re too easy, it’s not enough fun. He’ll kill you, and enjoy doing it. Fuck. I don’t even need to say anymore.

3. Shana the Flame Haze

Shana is a bitch. An awesome, sicknasty bitch. Who loves melon bread. Shakugan no Shana is a fuckin great  show, and Shana is great because she looks cool, has a cool sword, her hair turns red when she’s gonna kick ass, and she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya. She’s a very dynamic character (she’s a tsundere), and is….you know what, watch the show, she’s awesome.

2. Vegeta

The original bad ass kinda. He looks sick. Will kill you without hesitation, COLLECTS DRAGONBALLS! (haha) and looks cool. Personally, I enjoy his evil, saiyan, demeanor. Also, I though his voice (English and Japanese) was sick. He was such a badass……I mean…..they kind of made him less evil as the series progressed, but he never lost that “Ireallywanttokillyounow” edge.

1. Inuyasha

That’s right fuckheads. It’s my number 1 show and my number 1 character. INUYASHA. Let’s look at the facts: He’s a half demon, has a huge  sword that progressively gets nastier, looks sick, and can turn into a demon where he becomes BAD ASS X2. He can also become human when there’s no moon, which gives him weakness….wait….he still kicks ass as a human, and will fight anyone. His regular demeanor is one of  “Hey you, you’re an asshole!”, and he’s easily the best character ever made. Finally, time for sleep.

EDIT: I was fuckin tired when I wrote this, there’s prolly somewhere around 500 mistakes, both grammatical, and other. I might fix them, I’ve heard that the pic of Vash doesn’t show up, but for me it does so I don’t know what to tell you…I tired deleting the pic and re-loading, I hope that helps everyone.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Anime Characters

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  2. “deserved it because he always fights for what’s right”
    gayfag blog confirmed for 100% gay

    Ichigo is awesome because he generally doesn’t give a fuck.

    Light is also awesome because he finally acts like a normal human would — KILLING PIECES OF SHIT THAT DESERVE TO BE KILLED. And then people are all “wah wah no u shldnt” FUCK YOU you are all dried old woman vag.

    Alucard is also a good guy. Spike is too plus he has nice hair.


    Konata is a faggot.

    Kenpachi is awesome, even though some faggots cry that he’s overrated — no, he’s just that awesome, you rapists.

    Haven’t seen Shana but pretty sure this is wrong because tsundere are literally the worst.

    Vegeta wears pink shirts that say “BAD MAN” on them which can only be pulled off by huge badasses.

    Inu-Yasha is seriously a faggot. Always taking lip from Kagome, somehow falls in love with Kagome, the biggest goddamn bitch since bitch came to bitch town, always wanting to protect something, thinking humans are great because they want to protect something, always having trials of trust and faith, keeps useless pieces of shit like Shippo around, ACTUALLY WANTING TO BE A HUMAN WHEN DEMONS ARE FUCKING AWESOME AND LIVE FOREVER GOD WHAT A GODDAMN FAG. Sesshomaru, meanwhile, goes around raping the land and not giving a fuck. He also gets some points taken away from him for letting that stupid shit demon and stupid shit girl follow him around, but hey, Inu-Yasha had two times that baggage, so Sesshomaru still wins. But Sesshomaru is a faggot too.

    If people don’t know what Vash looks like they’re faggots.

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