Celebrity Shot

Alright fuckheads, if you actually have read the Loo$e Change page (which is still incomplete), then you would know that I said I would post something written by someone else (Robert). And I decided that today is a good day to put it up. So without farther adu, here it is, copied and pasted from a file he sent me.


Here’s the reason I will never have a blog…cuz they’re for self-important nancy boys. (Here is the average blog-author – Blog Owner: OMG Hi world, my name is Jason and my interests include Girls (LOL!), Real World, and Matchbox Cars!

World: Fuck you, Jason.) Since this is an “ISSSSSSSSS” as Eye Sesdo aka GloAnime aka I don’t even know what else to call him but anyway since this is an “ISSS” as he calls it and this is a celebrity spot I think I can do it without hating myself too much for it. But anyway on to the topic…screw my generation.

Ya I said it, screw our generation. We’re a bunch of self-important nancy boys. In the awesome yet completely unrelated words of Old Unsanitary Bastard, “Yo by a NUH, who couldn’t figure, how to pull a gun trigger, GET OUTTA HERE”.

Did you know that in a study, the average American teen failed to find the ocean on a map unless they lived on a shoreline? You probly didn’t because I just made that study up AND its verdict but that doesn’t mean the average American isn’t a dumbass. Look at the radio for example; all the songs suck. You know why they suck? The word “swagger”. You know why the word swagger sucks? Cuz it relates back to how the average American is a nancy boy. Back in the 1950’s, when Timmy would paint the fence with some fine lead-based paint and then get into schoolyard tussles unsupervised and win, there was no such thing as swagger. Now everyone’s parents do everything for them, ESPECIALLY THEIR SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS (which is why I never won, I DID MINE MYSELF…oh and this is also another reason why we’re stupid…see it all relates), resulting in a bunch of sissy men. How does that relate to swagger? You’ll see…Now, instead of roughing it up like a bunch of great Americans, either one of two things will happen, both stupid.

1) Both kids will be suspended, even though it’s only one of their faults, or

2) the kid getting picked on will shoot the whole school up. Honestly, let people scuffle it out if its an even fight, and even if theres a bully no one has an even fight with, everyone will eventually gang up and beat his ass as payback.

Problem solved. But since we’re  bunch of sissies (TAG WAS BANNED ON A MASSACHUSSETS PLAYGROUND CUZ IT MADE THE PEOPLE WHO LOST FEEL BAD – not even making that one up, look it up) and on the dick of up and coming technology (haha get it “on the dick…up and coming”)(Here’s an example…someone in my school wrote a newspaper article about Facebook etiquette and it is quite common that people take Facebook seriously…fuck that shit it’s myspace all over again and I was smart enough in middle school to not play that gay shit) that people idolize those douchebags on shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, Real World because they’re rich and have nice shit…honestly, I’m a pussy and I could beat their combined asses…how much of a pussy you may ask? I don’t bench I do pushups…anyway…now people need to be told that they have “swagger” through song lyrics to feel confident (see it all relates).

1) Real “swagger” or as normal people call it, confidence, means you never have to say SHIT to prove you’re confident

2) Rather than being masculine about it and saying people should like me or they’re retarded, people who say “I have swagger” are the same people that say “OMG I hope the new people at my school like me LOL ROFL JK ❤ ROFLCOPTER n00b”…faggots

But anyway who initiates that? FUCKIN MTV. In the now immortalized lyrics of not-well-known rapper Tim Dog in his scathing diatribe on West-Coast MC’s, “Fuck ’em”. You know who gave MTV this popularity to influence our generation like this in the first place? Our generation, making it popular in the early 90’s. GAY. To sum up, this is why our generation, especially my college and the college of my colleague who simply wished to be called “The Incredible” have student populations where the average student is a rich white, obese (forgot to mention that earlier) technology dick riding douchebag. On a completely unrelated side-note, choosing to put three people in a dorm instead of two to save money/get a free laptop from the college is like the complete opposite of hiring a prostitute. Instead of paying to have sex, you’re getting paid to not beat it. It’s like…the complete opposite!

The end. Thank you Robert Palko for that bit of information. You asre now officially a hypocrite…..or you would have been…..but you have one more opponent….his name is…….Gary.

-Jeff this isn’t the Red Version.

-Oh yea…..I got caught up…..what I meant was….you would have been……but you came to realize my ISSS is amazing. Bye everyone….expect a Review of Hayate no Gotoku! sometime today.

In other news Robert apparently does not know anything about blogs, and thus, in the near future, I will be making an important announcement.