Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei = Series Review

One of the best shows out there. Not only does it have my favorite animation, but it also includes one of the best character lineups, plots, good humor, and the best OP and Ending songs like……..ever. (Yes I have a top ten OP/ED and I will put them up eventually, I grouped every single one from this show as one, and they are high on the list). So then, here is my review of

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

What’s it about? A depressed person, Nomozu Itoshiki, is trying to hang himself when along comes this overly optomistic girl, Kafuka, who eventually stops him from doing so, and decides to call him “Pink Supervisor”, because the trees around him were pink, and pays him 50 yen for the rights to call him such. She goes to school, and soon there after it is revealed that Itoshiki is the homeroom teacher of her class, which turns out to have only one normal girl in it. Hilarity ensues, as the show pretty much points out the obvious things around us that we don’t notice, and makes fun of them using satire, which I love. Oh, and Itoshiki always falls into despair over any subject brought up.


  • Animation = Probably the best I’ve seen. Definatly the most artistic. I love it. Shaft did a great job with this one.
  • Characters = Every character has something unique about them. Even the “normal girl” is unique…..because she’s….well…..normal. My favorite character is probably Matoi, who stalks Itoshiki because she’s in love with him.
  • Humor = Was excellent. This show points out things that you don’t really notice around everyday life, and makes them funny.
  • It’s awesome.


  • Sometimes they put up a million words and give you no time to read them. These are usually examples to illustrate someones point. I really had to stretch for that one.
  • The show turned very lovey-dovey halfway through, and the comedy slowly was lessened until it could barely be considered a comedy, except this never actually happened and I made this whole sentence up.

Watch this show. If you don’t watch it, you have no soul…..and what’s worse, you suck. Therfore, since this show (both seasons and the OVAs) was fucking great, Eye hereby give it a


Hayate no Gotoku! = Series Review

Now I am done with this series. I pretty much already did 2 reviews of this anime, but after watching, I think it deserves one more. Let’s get this review underway.

Hayate no Gotoku!

What’s it about? Well pretty much this kid, Hayate, has shitty parents that are unemployed and take all of his money, soon thereafter wasting it. They get into debt and sell him to really nice people (the mob). Hayate finds out he owes around 150,000,000 yen to these guys (thanks to his parents). He decides to capture a random girl on the street and hold her for ransom. Instead he helps her buy a drink from a vending machine, and she is so thankful that she says she’ll do anything to pay for the favor. He asks her is he can hold her for ransom, but the way that he asks her makes it sound as though he wants to date her, which is what she thinks he means. A bunch of shit happens, he becomes her butler. The story continues into hilarity.

Now, as I stated before, this show was awesome. Yes, it was hilarious. Yes, it could be serious when it wanted to be. Yes, it made fun of Italians. Shit, in one episode it actually had sick fighting (the episode with the ultimate bulter uniform).  This show had everything. What didn’t it have?


-Uh…yea that’s true it didn’t have porn……well actually it did when Saki was holding what I assume to bea porn video?

Well fuck, then it must have had everything.

Let us do some pros and cons, number style for once, since it deserves it.


  1. The animation was good. It contained some CGI but not to the point where you notice. This coupled with the great choice of colors made for a great anime. It led me to believe that it was made by J.C. Staff (who is doing the OVA and next season), but it turns out it was SynergySP, which I have never heard of. I should say that I am a big J.C. Staff fan. They always have good anime.
  2. Humor = The best. Or second best. I can’t decide. It’s a debate between Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan and this one. This one was longer by a shitload, and kept up its humor, so that’s why I’m leaning toward Hayate, but Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan was the funniest fuckin shit ever made so who knows. (yes, I have a top ten of funniest anime, but it isn’t done yet).
  3. Plot = Usually a show where each episode has a different plot with some underlining or continuing similarities (like Ranma 1/2) will bore the shit out of me after about 26 episodes. But this one did not. I could watch all day and feel like I just started watching…If I could’ve watched this non-stop, I would have.
  4. The Use of Literal Humor and Breaking the 4th Wall = My two favorite kinds of humor in anything. Honestly If the whole show was this, it would still be awesome. Oh I almost forgot all of the parodies. I don’t know if youtube still has it, but one kid did these hilarious Inuyasha Parodies. I know it’s on Myspace TV. Fuckin hilarious. My favorite line from them? “See ya later Larry!” I’ll try and load that one at the bottom of the page if I remember.
  5. Characters = they were awesome. Let’s delve farther and discuss why they were awesome.
  • Hayate – Nasty at everything, but doesn’t think it’s a big deal.
  • Nagi – Vintage Rie Kugimiya, can’t go wrong.
  • Maria – Reminded me of Belldandy, except not a pussy…..I could go on with everyone else, but that would take too long.


  • Too short. Oh wait, I forgot they’re (J.C.Staff) making another season. Stupendous. I guess there are no cons.

Well, I’ve finished another Rie Kugimiya anime. And since I always like to be watching at least one show with her in it, it’s time to watch Gintama….oh wait I’m watching Toradora! Whatever then.

For this brilliance, I give Hayate no Gotoku a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ and Spot Number 7 on the Top Ten Anime List

As promised: Inuyasha Parody:

Normally, fan-made parodies suck. These, however, do not.

To come: Big Announcement (maybe). Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei = Series Review.