Females vs Males – Sport and Athleticism

The first in a series of related posts. The ultimate competition. Females vs Males. Who is better? I know who is better overall in my opinion, which I will state at the last post, which will be prolly the 11th in this series, I don’t want to have this going on forever. Anyway, the first challenge is sports/athleticism.


Believe it or not, it was hard to find a picture on google of actual women’s sports when you type in “women’s sports”. I was mostly greeted with porn. Which goes to show you……..uh………something. Anyway, Girls sports. I know all about them. My parents tend to watch Uconn Women’s Basketball, and in fact, they seem to like it more then the men. Now I’m not going to say that the comparison of men and women’s basketball is proportional to the comparison of all other sports, because if it was, well…….I’ll get to that. Anyway, females can be pretty athletic when they want to. For example, a wife catching her husband cheating can turn a frying pan into quite a deadly weapon, and can even suddenly learn karate on the spot, without ever taking a lesson, roundhouse kicking her good for nothing soon to be ex husband into submission.  As for sports, I must say that I could lose to many a female at many a sport. They are, by no means, bad at sports. They just aren’t as good as men.


Uh yea. Men. Manly, manly men. For all of time, men have been the providers. We kill, we fight, we fuck. We do these things well. Remember the Olympics? Yea, we started that shit. There were no women in the Olympics because they were for men. Now men can do pretty much everything better in terms of sports comparative to females. Yea. I just came out and said it. On to the comparison.

The Comparison


  • Basketball: Can’t dunk.
  • Snowboarding/Skiing: Can’t do anything  more than a 900.
  • Baseball: Had to change the game of baseball into softball, which comes with a smaller field, bigger ball, and underhand throwing (to their credit, they throw that ball fast, and the reason for this difference in throw I think has something to do with their shoulders and how they aren’t as broad as us men).
  • Golf: Remember when that female golfer tried out the PGA? Yea I don’t either, that’s how shitty she did.
  • NASCAR/Indy Racing: In racing, they compare quite favorably, oh wait, racing sucks, and all you have to do is step on a gas/brake pedal and steer.
  • Volleyball: Well, personally I like to watch the girls beach competition.
  • Football: Do women even play football? If they do, no one’s noticed.
  • Hockey: Girls can play hockey. But not on the professional level, more like on the pee wee hockey level (I bet any girl that plays series, college hockey can kick my ass though). EDIT: I guess there is professional women’s hockey, but they aren’t allowed to touch each other. Gayyyy.


  • Basketball: Do you see a women’s dunk contest? Actually, do you see the WNBA? Once they tried giving tickets out for free and no one came.
  • Snowboarding/Skiing: Women do 900’s. Men? They pull down 1260s like nothing.
  • Baseball: They can throw a ball faster than I drive when I speed, and what’s more, the batter’s can hit it.
  • Golf: I once saw a man out drive a women….oh, and the man was kneeling when he hit the ball too (I actually am not making this up).
  • NASCAR/Indy Racing: Honestly, I hate NASCAR and all that shit, mainly because I am educated, and not a hic. But still, women can keep up here so give credit where credit is due.
  • Volleyball: Women: better if it’s beach volleyball, otherwise, fuck that boring shit and give some volleyball where a kill can actually kill you.
  • Football: The only female in the NFL I know of is Tony Romo, and he sucks.
  • Hockey: Men check, fight, etc. Basically, hockey is much better/more aggressive then the shitty women’s hockey.

In general, female sports tend to be slower paced, less entertaining, and more pathetic then male sports. I would rather watch little league on ESPN than the Softball Championship. Oh I forgot Tennis……..I know I know Billie Jean King right? Tennis can be close depending on the match-up. However, with everything being said, this match goes to:


New Policy in Effect

Before, I used to watch mainly streaming anime, on sites such as Zomganime and Otakucenter. Now, after watching Hayate no Gotoku in the form of torrents, I have decided that from now on, whenever possible, I will only watch in torrent form, because the quality is 10000000 times better, and the screen isn’t tiny as fuck. Hooray torrents. Fuck geese (they shit all over the place…..especially when I wanna play football).

Best Torrent Sites (of fansubbers) Known By Me

  • Eclipse Productions (my favorite….quick subs, high quality, good shows only, easy site to use, great service)
  • Dattebayo Fansubs (they’re a bunch of homos though, I mean seriously, all they do is bitch. You know, if you dropped Bleach, there would be plenty of people ready to pick it up. You’re not that special…but they do have high quality subs EDIT: Upon farther inspection, I now see that EVERYONE subs Bleach)
  • Anime Kraze (they sub everything)

That’s all I really know……but here, this site has like, every fansub group…..ever.