New Policy in Effect

Before, I used to watch mainly streaming anime, on sites such as Zomganime and Otakucenter. Now, after watching Hayate no Gotoku in the form of torrents, I have decided that from now on, whenever possible, I will only watch in torrent form, because the quality is 10000000 times better, and the screen isn’t tiny as fuck. Hooray torrents. Fuck geese (they shit all over the place…..especially when I wanna play football).

Best Torrent Sites (of fansubbers) Known By Me

  • Eclipse Productions (my favorite….quick subs, high quality, good shows only, easy site to use, great service)
  • Dattebayo Fansubs (they’re a bunch of homos though, I mean seriously, all they do is bitch. You know, if you dropped Bleach, there would be plenty of people ready to pick it up. You’re not that special…but they do have high quality subs EDIT: Upon farther inspection, I now see that EVERYONE subs Bleach)
  • Anime Kraze (they sub everything)

That’s all I really know……but here, this site has like, every fansub group…..ever.


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