Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka = Series review

Today was a snow day so the college was nice and closed. because the roads were bad, I have been up since 10 AM, and decided to try and set a personal record for most anime episodes in a day. From then till now, I’ve only watched one series, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. The reason for this is that it was on my to watch list, and although I didn’t want to watch it since i just finished a show featuring Rie Kugimiya, and this one had her in it too. However, the torrents downloaded fastest, so I watched it because I have no self control. Here is a series review of

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

After the first episode, I thought to myself, “I really no how to pick em.” It was funny. Not as funny as a show I previously watched. But funny. It made me laugh. The best part was the irony. What irony? Let me further explain. This show seems to be about a girl named Yuuhi, who is getting pestered by random dudes on the street, when suddenly, our main protagonist, Jun’ichi, comes to her rescue. Later in his class, Jun’ichi finds that she is introduced as a transfer student! Strange how that always seems to happen in anime. He kisses her in class after  misunderstanding her feelings. She gets pissed. Hits him. Class eventually ends. Juni’chi parts to his house, where he lives with his sister, Minato. Soon there after, a knock comes at the door, and you guessed it, Yuuhi is moving in as Jun’ichi’s fiancee. Seems kinda funny right? It was indeed a funny show………until the last 3 or 4 episodes (out of 12, that’s nothing to scoff at). The lives of average high school students becomes entwined  with immense over-dramatization and incest. Yes. Incest. That’s not a typo. Pros and cons shall we (I)?


  • Animation = Very good. It was kind of the same a Hayate no Gotoku if I think about it.
  • Characters = I liked them for the most part. I wish they had more unique things about them. They should have had more of Jun’ichi’s parents, who are apparently spies and are shown in random clips doing spy-like things.
  • Plot = Definitely was good, Again, until things got over toward the end.
  • Rie Kugimiya is in it……I need a break of her……or a lot more of her I can’t tell which.
  • It had a good amount of humor. Quite funny in fact…..until the endish.


  • Ok the end was so gay I’ll mention that later and spoil it……it killed the series……I mean, if they only just kept it funny the whole time it would be really good…..it prolly would have gotten a high score….like really high.

Ok time to first issue the grade, and then vent some spoilers. I was lenient, and decided that since it kept my attention, was funny, had a good plot for the most part, and had characters I liked, it deserved to get a


4.5 might be closer, but I don’t put decimals in my grades anymore. (I used to back when I was a confused teen…….I know better now thought). HERE’S SOME SPOILERS:

Instead of dating the rich girl, who was played by Rie, he decides he wants to periodically hook up with his sister (of course, it was insinuated that she wasn’t really Jun’ichi’s sister afterward in a conversation between Jun’ichi’s parents, but still, he thought it was his sister). I mean really….honestly…….that’s not the main issue I had a problem with. The end was so corny and over dramatized. The two girls decide to have a good episode long cry together before deciding to move out of the house, to let Jun’ichi decide who to pick. Yea, because high school relationships are so important and last forever. It’s a good thing they went to such extremes. What a gay end…….oh…..and even worse, at the end, Yuuhi moves back in…..for what reason? None? Jun’ichi and Minato are a couple. They are going out. Why are you back in the house “Because I have to make sure you immoral animals don’t do anything bad!” Yea that’s a fuckin excuse and a half. How gay. Oh well it’s a cartoon……and the rest was quite good. Time to watch something that I know will be good. The 5th Hellsing Ultimate OVA. Bam.