xxxHOLiC = Series Review

That’s two  anime series that I finished today, although I had one of them already half watched. Either way, that makes me happy, so now the writer who brought you Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei = Series Review, and Hayate no Gotoku! = Series Review, brings you


Is xxxHOLiC good? No. Is it bad? No. Is it really good? No. Does it suck total balls? No. xxxHOLiC falls under none of these categories. The best word to describe xxxHOLiC came to me from a dream, where I was sitting on a mountain top. All of a sudden, a dove….fluttered by, and then I woke up…..and my room was freezing. What I’m trying to say, is cool. It’s really really cool. However, there are different kinds of “cool”.

Here’s the type of cool xxxHOLiC isn’t:

Morpheus: “Neo, Look at this cool rock I found isn’t it neat-o!”

Neo: (more interested in the girl in the red dress) “Yea……cool.”

Here’s a type of cool that best describes said show:

Morpheus: “Free your mind” (jumps from building to building)

Neo: “Cool.”

What a fuckin great analogy. I rule. What was I talking about? Ah, xxxHOLiC…..I guess I should tell you what it’s about. (deep breath) Basically this kid named Watanaki always gets pestered and chased by demons that want to fuck with him and so he’s agitated about it plus he’s the only one that can see them so it’s kind of tough until he meets Yuuko who owns a shop where she grants wishes for a price and she makes it so that the demons stop bothering Watanaki of course he can still see them but he just doesn’t get bothered by them as much however in return he has to work for her which pretty much means cooking and cleaning and gay shit but they always have to deal with cool things and situations and shit and it’s a really cool show…….and THAT my friends is the definition of a run-on sentence thank you very much. Whew! Look at these scenes and tell me what they remind you of:

The Well

Big White Hands that come up out of the ground and grab you.

The Answer is on the bottom of the page. By the way these pics are from the last ep…but don’t worry it doesn’t spoil anything (I don’t think you can make spoilers for this show really).


  • Plot = It always introduced me to something cool, new, and different on so many levels. Niceeee.
  • Characters = Between the Pipe fox, those two twin girls, Yuuko’s obsession with sake, and that talking beanie baby (Mokona), the characters were cool.
  • The animation was different. Very long. (necks, arms, legs). I liked the change.


  • Watanaki is such an asshole. He’s like a Tsundere in guy form. Jeez dude, learn how do adapt to people. Stop whining.

It was really cool so I give xxxHOLiC a


Now I need to watch the second season, and  apparently Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicles? Whatever here’s the answer to the picture:

Remember this guy? Dead Hand.

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