Top Ten Musical Albums Ever

These are my Top Ten Albums of all time in my opinion, which, coincidentally, is the only one that matters. It will also serve as a segway into a post that I will post afterward. Let’s get this awesome Top Ten on the road with number 10, which happens to be the segway. Man I’m good at placing things in the right spots. Here’s how I’m going to set it up.First, I will give the place number, then the cd title, then the band or artist that made it.

10. Miminari – Chatmonchy

Uh…….what? Who is Chatmonchy? I’ll explain in due time….I said this is a segway, which means I’m not gonna shove all of the info down your throats right now. Anyway, I had a lot of trouble deciding what would take the number 10 spot, I was thinking Lloyd Banks – Rotten Apple (no one liked this album, I thought it was good because it was very grimy), but then I realized, hey, why not put Miminari on there? (there was a reason why I was hesitant I’ll tell you later). A good cd is one that you can listen to over and over and over and not get sick of it. This fits the mold perfectly.

STANDOUT SONG – Hitori Dake – for the life of me I can’t get music to upload, other wise I’d be thrilled to share this brilliant song with you all (it’s one of my favorites by said group).

9. Astro Lounge – Smash Mouth

I had always thought Smash Mouth was ok. Then I listened to this cd. I quickly became obsessed with it. I think I listened to it for about a month straight. Brilliance. I mean, of course All Star was a nasty song, but honestly, every song was a song from the 90’s that I loved. Then the Morning Comes, I Can’t Get Enough of You Baby, ALL STAR! Shit that music video made me watch Mystery Men……which was……..well…….it didn’t make my top ten let’s just say, although it wasn’t really bad.

STANDOUT SONG – A toss up between Stoned and All Star, but I’d have to give it to All Star aka the best song ever.

8. Naughty by Nature – Naughty by Nature

The self titled album by Naughty by Nature really is what made me like them. I always knew and liked songs like OPP and Hip Hop Hooray (not on said cd), but never really liked Naughty by Nature until I recently gave this album a look-see, and discovered nastyness in songs like Yoke the Joker, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Their beats are nasty, and Naughty by Nature is nasty at rapping.

STANDOUT SONG – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Also heard people call it Ghetto Bastard)

7. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

When it comes to great rap albums, not many come higher than Raekwon’s OB4CL which is pretty much Wu-Tang, and is so nasty it’s not really that humorous. It has the gritty feel that most Wu-Tang cds have, and the usual smooth lyrics, including a hit list of tracks like Ice Cream (I could stop right there but), Criminology, and Guillotine as my three favorites. Just listen to it. If you like hip hop, you like this. Now read the standout song, and prepare to get segwayed.

STANDOUT SONG – Verbal Intercourse

6. Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers – Wu-Tang Clan

Instead of describing the album, here are some songs, I’ll let them speak for themselves: Shame on a Nigga, Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuttin ta Fuck Wit, C.R.E.A.M., Methodman, and Protect Ya Neck. What tha fuck? Nastyness.

STANDOUT SONG – Da Mystery of Chessboxin

5. Infinity on High – Fall Out Boy

The reason I bought this album originally was most likely because I was playing DDR a lot at the time, and it happened to have Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy as one of the songs. I became obsessed, bought this, and rejoiced….because it kicked ass. Being impulsive reaps the fruits of something or whatever. From top to bottom, this album is gold. There might be like……2 tracks that I don’t personally like, but every other song is nasty. Thriller, the first song, Jay-Z introduces the band so you pretty much know it’s gonna be good…speaking of Jay-Z….could this be key to another segway?????

STANDOUT SONG – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs…..on another note…..Fall Out Boy has the best song names ever. End.

4. Seimeiryoku – Chatmonchy

Nope… segway….Jay-Z didn’t make it, because I haven’t heard Reasonable Doubt yet (still….how sad). This was the reason why I was hesitant to put Mimiru on my Top Ten…..but in the end, I had to succumb to the awesomeness that is Chatmonchy. There was a period in my…….crap that’s for the next post…..anyway. This album gets the number 4 position because it’s pretty much Mimiru after a huge upgrade. There are so many great songs, including four 5-Star songs (rated in my itunes). For your information, I rarely give 5-star songs. They’re pretty much the equivalent of 5^^ in my anime ratings.

STANDOUT SONG – Tie between DaiDai, Shangrila, and Tobiuo no Butterfly. I guess I’ll say DaiDai (more to come on that song in next post)

3. Get Rich or Die Trying – 50 Cent

Although of late 50 Cent has become lackluster, one cannot deny the insane nastyness of this album. There is not a single song that wasn’t good enough to be a hit. He literally could have chose any song as his first single, and the album would have been just as successful……ok well maybe not exactly as successful, but still pretty damn good. I honestly don’t know what my favorite is, therefore….

STANDOUT SONG – Gotta Make it to Heaven…….because it was the only one that wasn’t nasty insane crazy. It was still a good song. 50 is the man.

2. Illmatic – Nas

This is the best hip hop album of all time. Not my opinion…..fact. Nas is so gross at rap it’s sometimes not fair to others. Illmatic was not fair. In fear of embarrassing myself in trying to describe the insaness of this album. I’m just gonna stop.

STANDOUT SONG – The World is Yours

I guarantee not many people will expect this next album as number one. Now I have to try and fill some stuff so you can’t see the title before you actually read this line, therefore, I will go on to say that if you were paying attention to this top ten. It is very diverse…..not because I am trying to be diverse, but because I like what I like, and I happen to like a lot of different genres of music. Notice, however, there is no country, because country music is for shit-fucks, and it sounds like gay…………Now then, that should be enough space to read the first line and then see the title cause you to say to yourself either, “Eye carumba, he was correct, this indeed is surprising as Number 1!” or “What? That’s not surprising at all, what a f***-a**!” There, that should be long enough, let me check. Nope, no where close, so let me add that cheesecake is probably the best food ever invented, and now I really want some. Funny story about cheesecake. One time in earth science back in high school, I was taking a test see? And into my head popped a memory of good old cheesecake. This made it very hard to me to concentrate on question 4. So much so in fact, that I couldn’t even finishing reading the question. I suddenly realized the ridiculousness of this, and with this realization came a short burst……err…..a long, uncontrollable fit of loud laughter. Now, instead of not being able to read a question because I was thinking of cheesecake, I was laughing insanely… cheesecake. Everyone, to say the least, was staring at me. The teacher, Mr. Fr********, asked if I was ok, and what was so funny. I answered, “Cheesecake.”……..This was unwise of me to say, because I realized the absolute retardedness of my answer, and with this realization came even more jovial outbursts. I soon excused my self from the room for a short break, until I calmed down. I got an 83 on the test. (This is a true story too…my life is full of fun!)….On to number 1!

1. The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

No, no, no ‘m not emo. Emo = Gay. But I haven’t been able to put this cd down for about a year. I listen to it in the car. I listen to it at home. In fact, I’m listing to it right now (not lying). Every single song is good. It’s quite possible that they’re all 5 star songs. The weird thing is….after I listened to this album, I listened to other MCR allbums, and hated them. Like, this album is an anomaly for My Chemical Romance. I like maybe 3 other songs by them. But god this is the best shit ever made….I need to list the reasons:

  • It’s a themed cd about a person with cancer. Yes….he is dying too.
  • It has some of the best guitar/other shit that I’ve seen.
  • Cool art work (there are several covers, I just chose this one).

STANDOUT SONG – Impossible to choose.

uh…..that’s it……….bye?