Chatmonchy = Most Awesomest

Here’s the segway….I started writing this a while ago (before the top ten albums) and I might repeat things…… with it.

I recently got my laptop working again, which is awesome, however, I need to download allllllll of the music I lost…..which kinda sucks, but whatever. So first and foremost, I needed to get all of the Chatmonchy songs that I had back. Wait………you……….you never heard of Chatmonchy? Well let me embellish on this awesome trio J-Pop band of coolness.


Chatmonchy is a group that not many people over here in America know about. But I do, cuz I suck. Basically, I first discovered the awesomeness of this group by watching that ending to Bleach:

What a great song. If you liked it, go to and type them in. All of their stuff is there. If you didn’t like it, you suck, because all of their songs kick ass.

You got your ass whopped again Bill.

You got your ass whopped again Bill.

Yea so pretty much I was obsessed with Chatmonchy for like…….a year and a half. When I do homework, I listen to Chatmonchy. When I was in my car? Chatmonchy. When I was in the shower? Singing Chatmonchy………let’s stop right there. I almost forgot one key aspect of Chatmonchy. In case you were in an accident and bumped your head, Chatmonchy is Japanese. There is no English (well sometimes they’ll through a few words in but….you get the jist of it). I mean, you prolly got that when I said they were J-Pop (they aren’t really pop per-say…but whatever). But still, I do sing them in the shower. Although honestly, I don’t know that many lyrics. But that’s what’s so great. I don’t know what the fuck they’re saying (well, I kinda do) and I still think they’re great. Well, that’s all here, one of my friends who is boring and always puts up underground rap lyrics up for his away message called me boring because I give all anime 5s, so now I need to write a review of a shitty show. (I like all shows so that’s hard, Samurai 7 can step up and get a shitty one though….there’s a few that can).

Will eye conform to what society wants and write a shitty review? Find out some other day on…………