Shakugan no Shana = Complete Review

All I can say is that I’m astounded that I haven’t heard anything about a third season. I would have expected by now that there would be one. I mean…come on….Shakugan no Shana is fucking awesome, and it would make dough….not only that, but there were a few loose ends that were left open at the end of last season. Lets take a second and review all of the seasons at once, making this a Complete Review instead of just a normal Series Review.

Shakugan no Shana

The first season, and best, season. This show is based on…..well… starts off following this kid named Yuji, who is narrating about some shit when suddenly time stops and this huuuuuuge big fat baby is looming over him and sucking up blue fire from everyone. The baby sees Yuji is unaffected by the time freeze (he can still move freely and time didn’t stop for him) and is like “WhaaAA???”. So then it starts toward Yuji when suddenly this short girl with small br- I mean red flaming hair does all this fighting with a samurai sword and saves the day. However the little dolly (the one apparently behind all this hooplah) escapes into the night. Yuji’s like “WTF????? Is goin ONNN???” and she like “Urasai urasai urasai!” But then reveals her br- that she is a Flame Haze, and hunts Denizens. She farther explains that Yuji in fact died some time ago, and that he is simply a torch (replacement for someone killed by a denizen….don’t forget, they stop time and kill you,  so it would be weird if a bunch of people just disappeared, wouldn’t it? Instead they replace the people with torches, and their existance slowly fades away, until no one remembers they ever existed. This way, there’s no shock). However, she explains that Yuji is not a normal torch, but in fact a Mystes, or a torch carrying a treasure inside of him, known as a Hougu. Then the plot starts, which consists of a few separate arcs, and introduces us to more characters such as Flame Haze, Denizens, and school chums of Yuji. In case you didn’t understand anything I said, let me summerize the basic theme of this anime:

Killing Demons.

As you know, any show that has a theme of killing demons is pretty much good. And Shakugan no Shana is prolly one of the best. Here are a small amount of reasons:


  • She has hair that turns to like… when she’s about to kick ass.
  • Voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Loves melon bread (I love when characters have some non-important, random attribute going on with them).
  • She has a samurai sword.
  • She doesn’t take shit.

The Animation

  • Is really good. Realistic yet cartoonish. Everyone has normal hair color, instead of every person having pink, or green or red hair (although I like that anyway).

The Plot

  • Is so good it’s retarded.
  • Contains many awesome fight scenes that are stunning and nasty.
  • Contains dynamic characters and also adds characters when needed.
  • Contains several genres.

I’m not gonna bother with pros and cons. Here; I’ll just do the cons. If it’s not a con, assume it’s a pro.


  • My grades went down because I spent all my time watching this show…..actually, that never happened because I watched it during summer, and I finished it in about a day or so.


Now then, onto the second season!

Shakugan no Shana II

Shakugan no Shana II (Second) pretty much just extends the first season, so I don’t need to give a full synopsis on it’s plot and stuff, I guess there are two major differences between this and the first season. In the first season, there were a few separate arcs, or plots, with the last one being the major plot. In the second series, there is only one plot, which is cool and all, but it drags the series out a little more, and instead of nasty fight scenes and such, it becomes more of a slice of life/school oriented show, with Yuji training to use his Hougu as a power to fight. There are several episodes that bored the heck out of me, because they were all the same thing: Two girls asking people and each other what love is. Gayyyy. Then, suddenly, the series dramatically changed halfway through and became so nasty that I….well….I guess I got really excited….Here:

The Second Half of SnS Second

  • Fight scenes so nasty with plot twists so perfect that I pooped by accident a few times….in a good way.
  • Yuji actually gets some power and does some fighting.
  • Things happen Bang Bang Bang (does that make sense to you?).

Pretty much, the second half of Shakugan no Shana is like the first season and then some. It’s hard to bring the nastyness to words, especially without giving anything away. The first half was not that great…I mean it really wasn’t that bad, and it contained a lot of necessary information toward the plot, but honestly, how many times do you have to pronounce to the audience that none of the girls in the show know what love is? We get it. We still don’t care. Show some action. They did. All is well.

Thusly, this is one of my favorite shows. It gets a

FINAL OVERALL GRADE = 5^^ (place number 6 on my Top Ten Anime)