Fruits Basket = Series Review

What a shitty, overly hyped up anime. I always heard people ranting and raving about how good it was, and so I read up on it’s plot. Here’s what I got:

Fruits Basket

Basically, it’s about a girl, Tohru, who is living somewhere out in the woods because she’s broke and has no home. Something happens and she eventually moves in to the Sohma household, where Yuki Sohma, a classmate and person whom all girls love, lives with his cousin Shigure. However, there is one thing strange about these people….their family, the Sohmas, have had a curse put on them for centuries. When ever one of them is embraced by a non-family member, they turn into an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. For example, Yuki turns into a mouse. Anyway, new characters are introduced as the series goes one, including one Kyo Sohma, who is, in my opinion, the only interesting character in the show. He turns into a cat, and in the story of the Chinese Zodiac the cat was apparently left out of a party because the mouse tricked him and told him the party was on a different day, thusly, he was never accepted as an animal of the Chinese Zodiac, therefore, Kyo, who turns into a cat, always wants to fight Yuki, aka, the mouse, to get revenge. Get it? People changing into animals at odd times seems like it can make a pretty cool anime if you ask me, Then I struggled through the anime and fought to finish it. Let’s explain farther in a new way…by looking at the main characters.


She is a ditz. She does nothing right. She cries. She sucks.


He’s boring. He is really really boring. There is nothing special about him (except that he can change into a mouse).


Probably the only interesting character in the show. He’s always pissed off and bring what little excitement there was into the show. My theory is that he isn’t really pissed at Yuki, he’s pissed because he’s in such a shitty show.


  • Some humor
  • Most of the characters were actually cool.


  • Two of the three main characters, Yuki and Tohru, got most of the screen time, which took away from the cooler characters.
  • Yuki
  • Tohru
  • The animation was boring looking, which matched the show perfectly.
  • The story, despite having some interesting characters, was as stimulating as sneaking into a women’s locker room to watch old ladies shower (if that’s stimulating to you then you might like this show).
  • It sucked.
  • It was boring and shitty and filled with crying and repetition and a slow plot advancement.

This show almost got dropped, but it was saved by the interesting characters making small appearances, therefore, it gets a



One thought on “Fruits Basket = Series Review

  1. The only people who raved about it were girls. Girls have shitty taste and are retarded. TEHMGOW HE LUK LIEK A GIRL TOP ANIEM!!!! ^____^ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD LOL ^_^^_^_^;6;6;6;;6;6;6;6;6;;6;;66;6; 666 SIGN OF THE BEAST!

    The premise is fucking stupid. She lives in a tent? Seriously? FUCKING SERIOUSLY? She has no family, and her friends who are obsessed with her wouldn’t take her in? But she’s fine with moving into some random fucknob’s house. Great job! Tohru is shit tier retarded. The fact that everyone loves her doesn’t help matters. At least if she was treated like the shitstain she was it would be palatable.

    The anime ended on a high point compared to the manga, which continuously dredged on for years doing more of nothing, and then had everyone (literally, every single character from the Sohma family and those not in the Sohma family) get together with someone (straight pairs only!!!!!), even the gay snake guy. EVEN THE GAY SNAKE GUY. GAY SNAKE GUY. G A Y S N A K E G U Y. SHE MADE THE GAY SNAKE GUY STRAIGHT. THE GAY SNAKE GUY. Not to mention the dragon and other guy who were always fagging it up with him. And that lion kid, who was a total homo. What a gay hating author. Don’t make your characters gay if you hate gays, you gay.

    The manga also totally rewrote Yuki’s character and turns out he never loved Tohru romantically but as a mother, except for all of that shit that said the opposite. He had a ton of fans so the whore writer re-wrote his character (isn’t that kind of pointless then, you stupid bitch), story, and gave him a new love interest he REALLY loves for real. Also most of these characters were introduced right at the end with a chapter each just so she could pair everyone up. REALLY?? DID YOU REALLY NEED TO FUCKING PAIR UP EVERYONE? IT DIDN’T SERVE ANY FUCKING PURPOSE TO THEIR CHARACTER OR THE OVERALL STORY SO WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE POINT? DROWN IN A VAT OF YOUR OWN URINE AND SHIT FOREVER

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