Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

Well I guess it all started when Rick Ross put out:

….I must say I agree with the title. WTF was Rick Ross thinking. I mean, I kinda like Rick Ross no lie…but he’s not really all that great at rapping (he’s not bad though). Frankly, I can’t really see how this is a diss, he pretty much just says “I’m rich and you’re dumb” every line. Well as you may or may not know, 50 Cent soon put out this:

Now I think Officer Ricky is one of the best songs that 50 put out in a while. It’s nice to see he can still verbally abuse people who aren’t that great at rap. Of course, he won’t stop at just putting out a diss track, he’ll make sure you won’t sell anymore. Example:

Are you serious? 50 Cent is fuckin awesome, “I’m gonna fuck your life up……for fun.” hahaha

I stated before that Rick Ross was dumb for starting this beef. But for 50, this is perfect timing, as it gives him some free press right before his new album drops this year. Funny how something always seems to happen right before an album of his is put out.

And finally someone disses Lil Wayne a “lil” bit. Lil Wayne is shitty. 50 Cent is tha man. Also I always hated DJ Kahlid because he always says “We da best” and it’s really fuckin annoying.

EDIT: If these videos keep getting taken down then you can find them on http://www.thisis50.com.