Mai HiME and Mai Otome = series review

This series, along with Shakugan no Shana, are to series that I feel define anime. In other words, when I think of anime, I think of these two series.

Mai HiME

Premise: Basically, the anime of Mai HiME revolves around a girl named Mai, who recently transfers to Fuka Academy along with her brother, Takumi. Soon thereafter (I love saying that), she learns about HiMEs (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment), of which there are several, including herself, at the school. HiME’s (if you don’t understand the definition I just gave you) have the ability to summon childs, or these monster things that fight for them, by turning photons into real object. Of course, that doesn’t really give you a full description of the show. I mean, the show leads you in one direction and then halfway through drops a huge ass BAM right on your face. This show has just about everything that you can stuff into an anime.


  • The animation is done very well, especially the fight scenes and scenes with technology. Awesome.
  • It has fighting, dynamic characters, romance, BAM moments, one of the best plots I’ve seen, etc.
  • The ability to make it seem as though i haven’t watched many episodes from the time I sat down, when really I’ve been watching the show for 6 hours. (If that’s confusing to you, I’ll put it this way: You can watch the whole show in one sitting easy).
  • It forced me to want more so badly that I read the manga (I don’t really read that much manga comparative to a normal anime buff…actually, I don’t even watch a lot of anime comparative to an anime buff).
  • It alienated me from people for a day (people suck, and for the most part, they are stupid….yes I realize I am a person too….I am stupid).
  • The title is an innuendo: Mai HiME  as in Mai (maiin character) is a HiME, and Mai HiME as in My HiME.


  • Only one: The end was too much about love…sappy, corny, but eye enjoyed it anyway because it was a huge fight scene.

Awesome, awesome, awesome get a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (Number 7 position on my top ten…yes I rearranged them again)

Mai Otome

Premise: This show was the spin off to Mai HiME, not a sequel, actually, it has almost nothing to do with Mai HiME. It takes place in a different world and has a different plot, with a few similarities. For example, it has almost the entirely same cast as in My HiME, but they all play roles completely different (for the most part) then in Mai HiME. Their personalities can be different as well. There are new characters however, as this story revolves around a girl named Arika, and her quest to become an Otome. An Otome is a virgin that has nanomachines injected into their bodies, which can allow them to achieve superhuman abilities, such as flight and strength, when they are kissed by their master (person who  they are appointed to protect) specifically one their GEM (Generable Enigmatic Matrix), which is one of a set of stones. One stone is given to the master, the other to the Otome. Otome play a big role in the military as well, as the country with the most Otome usually has the strongest army. Otomoe are forbidden from sex with guys because men have a gene that make it impossible for nano machines to work, and if an Otome fucks with a guy, she’ll develop antibodies that make it impossible for nano machines to work. I still haven’t really mentioned a plot…..let’s see. Arika is looking for her mother, or info on her mother, and then decides to become an Otome. A shitload of awesome shit happens.


  • Pretty much all of the pros from Mai HiME apply here, except I never read the manga.
  • It didn’t have anything about love in the end.
  • You were able to watch the same characters play different roles, which was really cool. It’s strange how you can make a person seem older in anime just by saying that their older. Also, this anime had some things that appear in Mai HiME, for example, the bar is the same. Moments where things like this occurred were almost like mini-BAMs cuz I was like, “Oh that’s the same as in the first one!” Then I would look around and realize I was talking to myself.
  • A lot more technical. Or I should say, there was a lot more technology. Which was awesome.
  • The plot might actually be better than in Mai HiME.
  • The OVA was SICK (Mai Otome Zwei)


  • [insert a "con" if you can find one]

Wooooo haaaa I got you all in

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (no spot on top ten….I don’t know why)

The reason I wrote this is because I started watching Mai Otome S.ifr, and it’s sick. A sequel was announced about a year ago, but Eye haven’t heard anything about it lately.

EDIT: Apparently Mai Otome is on the same planet and stuff as My HiME, just really really far in the future……didn’t know that.

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