Gintama = First Impressions


Why does this show seem so very familiar? I feel like a just watched it. Let’s see:

  • Main character with blue hair (sometimes it looks white….but no, it’s blue. EDIT: It’s silver)
  • Rie Kugimiya has a part
  • Hilariously funny with my type of humor
  • Breaking the 4th wall

Hmm….Nope. I have no idea why it feels familiar.

Oh….Hold on………Ah yes. Hayate no Gotoku. Is. Like. This show.

Basically, Gintama = Hayate no Gotoku, with a few minor differences.

  1. The characters are different (although the place of residence also has 3 main characters and a large pet, belonging to Rie Kugimiya’s character)
  2. The plot is different (although not really, like in Hayate, the plot is different each episode)
  3. The setting is different (well…..duh)

“Those aren’t really minor differences. In fact, they’re pretty major…..”

Is something you might say if you rape sheep. But back in the real world, the way that the show is put together and presented is the same. Dead on. Shit. Fuck. Ass. This show’s gonna rule. And it’s ongoing too. Bangout.