Akikan = First Impressions

Lately, I’ve been picking up a lot of shows. Recently, about 20 minutes ago, I decided randomly that I’d watch Akikan.

I came into the show knowing nothing more than the premise was about cans that turn into girls. Now the main thing that was bugging me was the voice of the main character, Kakeru. It was so familiar, but I didn’t really have a guess until I heard him yell “Melon-chan”. After I heard this, I was pretty sure he did the voice of Watanuki from xxxHOLiC, which , coincidentally, I just wrote something about. But not being 100% sure, I looked it up. It turns out that the voice actor is none other than Jun Fukuyama, who has been in pretty much every cool show.

  • Lelouch from Code Geass
  • Watanuki from xxxHOLiC (so annoying)
  • A main character in like 15 other  shows that I’ve never seen

But mainly, it was his role in Inukami! as Keita that seemed familiar, because these two anime have similar humor (perverted at times). Now Inukami! was an awesomely awesome  show with hilarity across the boards, so needless to say, I am liking Akikan so far, and am glad that I randomly decide things. On a side note, Hyakko sucks and I may drop it, I’m going to try and push through but I had to stop in the middle of an episode because it was so dumb. But that wasn’t what I really wanted to say. What I really wanted to say was ==>

“What is with all the comedic anime that I’ve been watching lately? So weird. I need something with fighting (preferably something bloody like Higurashi, because I’m sick (in the head) I guess….even though I’m not really (probably)).”

Here’s an example of some of the funny (possible spoiler) although it’s not a big scene at all and doesn’t ruin the plot what-so-ever:

Setting: A fight is seemingly about to begin between Melon and Budoko, who is a little girl. A ring forms and people start talking when Kakeru steps in to break them up:

Person 1: Is it a fight?

Person 2: A love triangle?

Person 3: How can you do that to a little girl?

Person 4: Pervert.

Person 5: Pedofile.

Person 6: I’m jealous, I mean what a bastard.


I laughed. I like humor. FUCK YOU. Sorry, felt like I needed to be abrassive.

I wonder if I did all those parenthees right?

EDIT: After watching a few eps, which have revealed a farther plot (fighting tounament), I have deduced that this series has the potential to be nasty-awesome^2.