My game of catch up

I like to watch anime. Yes it is true. Does it make me a bad person? Maybe. Do people tend to have poor, bias, and demeaning views toward people who happen to like anime? Maybe,  but honestly, I don’t care that much. Anyway, I would consider myself to be a novice watcher of anime, ever since I started this ISSS (not blog). I have learned that I am far behind in the knowledge of anime, and since I HATE losing/not being first in something, probably more than I let people know. Honestly, if you ever beat me in something/are beating me in something/etc, I may play it off as whatever, but really, I want to beat you and kill you.

A few exceptions include, and for the most part, are limited to:

  • Playing my friend, Joe, in a second base challenge (who plays 2nd better) the second time around. (the first time I was amped and serious, the second time, I just wanted some divers (which no one fuckin gave me))
  • In fantasy sports, when someone thinks their team is nasty, when it’s really only a little bit better than mine and not even by much, but just because his team happens to be in first this person thinks his team is better, and ignores the fact that I just acquired the needed players to make my team nasty. The fact that this individual is in first does not bother me, because I know I will win the league in the end, or at the least be in the top 3.

I’m starting to veer off the subject so let me return like something that comes back after going away. Anime. Lately I’ve been picking them up left and right. Usually I don’t like to watch more than 15 at a time. but I’m up at 18 (I picked up a new show today). I may pick up more, and raise my average to 20 Currently Watching at a time, so I can catch up. If my sister gets me sick then I swear I will kill someone. I just got over a sickness that MATT gave me (It was you I don’t care what you say) and she’s downstairs coughing. FUCK CUNT. Anyway, no one will care about this post, but it’s my ISSS (the one and only in the world since I coined it) and I do what I want.