A Bunch of Stuff

I was on my dashboard and I got my first “INCOMING LINK”! I don’t know what the fuck that means, but I got one! But yea I’m just gonna summarize my ISSS up until this point in time, and show everyone how shitty it is.

Shittyness of this ISSS

  • No one looks at it…..ever. I don’t really know  why though….oh wait, that’s right, because no one besides 3 or 4 of my friends know it exists, and I don’t care enough to get the word out, but when it does get out, people will love me.
  • It’s mainly anime related. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this, since I love anime, and originally I was going to make it only anime, but that’s impossible for me, so I’ve been adding other shit in just for you (Matt and Rob).
  • There’s no porn (I honestly just like to say the word porn).
  • It looks so bland and boring. Honestly I don’t know shit about html and making all that shit, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t take the time to do it, but I would rather have a more customized site. If you wanna do it for free I’d be happy to let you, just leave a comment or email me (I’m almost serious, If you wanna set it up I’ll let you, but I won’t pay you shit, cuz you’re just a computer nerd).
  • When I make a poll it never shows up. Maybe it has to be html, again, anyone care to explain this to me, who is not dumb with computers, but not good with them either.

Awesomeness of My ISSS

  • It has anime. I like anime.
  • The title is both original, and good.
  • It’s not a blog.
  • When you hold the cursor over a picture, text appears!
  • I give the world much needed knowledge about anime, men and women, and other facts. Without these things, the world would end.
  • I was on this other site today, and it’s been active since August 2007, and I have more views then they do. BAM. (Still, I want to have more, because I’m competative.)
  • Top Tens Galore.
  • This video: 
  • Bill the Ass-Kicker.
  • Loo$e Change.
  • I organized all of my anime on the list into alphabetical order.

You may be able to tell by this shitty post that I am bored today….here’s a picture of my manly-awesomeness that will be under my “about page”:

I made that snake my bling bitch straight hood rap shit nuttin phaze me.

I realize I always spell shittiness wrong….it’s because I purposly do it. Same with versions of the word awesome.

Also, I’d like to point out that living at home sucks compared to living in a dorm or apartment when going to college. I recently transferred for my major, and now I am at home. There is nothing to do except go the the gym and watch anime. Fortunatly, Uconn is only 45 minutes away, so when I actually get some money, I can go up there and get hammered, or better yet, go to NYC aka the best place in the world. Fuck I wanna go down there right now. I should wright a post about how awesome the city is. Also, Blue Collar Comedy sucks.

Also, this post sucked, but I got a good one lined up for tonight….like…..a fuckin good one……it’s a Top Ten ***** *****.


One thought on “A Bunch of Stuff

  1. I’m so jealous of Matt and Rob.

    “There is nothing to do except go the the gym and watch anime.”
    I don’t understand what the problem is here??

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