Ergo Proxy = Series Review

One of the most underrated series I have ever had the glee to come across was Ergo Proxy. It didn’t have humor, it didn’t have much action (although it did have a few cool fight scenes), and it didn’t have……well………it didn’t have much of anything to tell you the truth. But God was it awesome. Now listen with wide ears to the telling of the series review of

Ergo Proxy

Usually I would start a review on an awesome anime by saying something along the lines of, “This series had it all,” or, “Awesome”. However, I will start off with this review by saying that this series was captivating in ways that others aren’t. I think I watched this during summer, and it made it really hard to care about much else. All I wanted to do was go home and watch eps, but I instead played basketball or some shit (anime takes a back seat if there’s anything else going on around me).

Premise: The series starts out in a city, that is inside of a bubble. The reason as to why it is inside a bubble is this: The outside world has become so polluted and shitty from wars and stuff, that it has become unsafe to wander outside the bubble (I call it a bubble, it’s more of a dome though). The story centers around a girl named Re-l Mayor (Or Real, as the subbers sometimes called her), who is a detective in this city. Lately, the androids (called AutoReivs) have been having human emotions due to a virus (Cogito Virus) that has infected them, and thusly they have been committing murders and doing other things that humans like to do (But not sex. They’re Robots!). So Re-l (whose grandfather is something like the governor of the city) is investigating these crimes, and through an encounter with a Proxy (kinda like a monster) she discovers the other main character, Vincent Law, who is somehow connected to all of this. However, he has no memory, and thusly, decides to find it. Re-I decides to follow him. and they set off with Pino, an infected AutoReiv who looks like a little girl. I have set you up. Watch the show.

My Additions: This series is a bit slower than others, but what it lacks in speed it makes up for in character strength and development. This is one of those rare shows that is genuinely good. If there were an Oscar Awards, this would win a couple……but it still didn’t make my top ten ;P (I just made a smiley face thing with attributes……I will never do that again I promise). Ehh, just read the Pros and Cons, bullets and/or numbers. Oh and here’s this:


  • Re-l is awesome. Vincent is awesome. Every character is awesome. In my gloriously over-glorified and ego-laden opinion (as opposed to humble), I think that if any of the characters were even altered slightly, this would be a poop chute…..actually, it would still probably be good, but not as good.
  • It is very dark. All the colors are grayish and tone, and this gives the anime so much atmosphere it’s not even fair. The animation as well is awe inspiring in my opinion. It’s reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell, but better.
  • It’s a serious, real-life style anime, and it’s awesome. Unique. I need to stop saying “awesome.”
  • The plot is actually very well done. It has been said that this is like the Matrix + Ghost in the Shell, and  I must say that that is a good comparison. It reminds me strongly of both, and since both are great shows/movies, then there’s nothing to dislike about Ergo Proxy.
  • Even the name is cool, “Ergo Proxy”……no…..“Ergo Proxy”…..that was better. It’s like a bit of beautiful rolled off my tongue.
  • The OP is one of my favorites…..this anime does nothing wrong it seems……except….


  1. The way that the season ended set up for a second season that could have been so insanely nasty and awesome that it baffles me as to why they didn’t make one. I mean, the ending was still done quite well, and I was satisfied with it, but still, the opportunity was there, why not just make it? I wish they had a manga (Do they? I can’t find it. If you can find it please tell me so I can read it, as long as it continues past the anime). At the least they could have made a movie. A movie would be unexplicably nasty.

There you have it. I hast spoken my words. Now, go down to yonder computer and cast thee eyes upon thy show Ergo Proxy, which tough hast delivered (a headbutt out of nothing?) NO! A