One Piece of Advice

BAM! Pun right out of the gate! Shit son wordplay off the heezy. Anyway, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. You may have realized that I haven’t really been posting much lately, especially along the lines of anime related material. I have recently been busy not doing my school work, which could be a reason for this. Also, my shitty laptop, after just being fixed, decided that it didn’t want to show me what my hard-drive contained by blacking the screen out. If you look really really closely at it with squinted eyes, and the light is coming from the right angle, then you can kind of see the screen. I mean, the hard drive is fine, but I need a new screen now. Currently I am on a desktop, which sucks because it has vista, which, well, sucks. It figures that my computer breaks right after I finally get some money thrown my way from the government (CHANGE!). Anyway, my One Piece of advice is about watching, you guessed it, One Piece.

One Piece

I started this show when it was only in its 200 some-odd episode. I thought, “By the time I catch up, it will probably be over.” (I should mention that I like to watch shows non-stop rather than once a week, although that has now changed a bit). How nieve and uneducated I was. Little did I know, but the manga was and still is and will be for a long ass time, ongoing. The show, as I saw it, was inexplicably nasty. I was watching 15-20 episodes daily. I couldn’t stop. Even the fillers, which had most people complaining, were awesome to me. Then I caught up to the show, and began watching it weekly. This was around episode 300 and something. I began to lose interest. For some reason, the show went from exciting and entertaining to eerily exhausting. I suffered through the arc where the flag was taken, and then, around the beginning of the zombie arc, I stopped watching. (I may have given arcs different names, but whatever if you watch the show you’ll get it, if you don’t, nothing spoiled). Occasionally, I would watch an episode and think to myself, “Whatever.” However…………..a few days ago, I watched two episodes, and was voraciously swallowed whole by the show. I have been watching the show non stop, as I was about 50 episodes behind. Now I am about 20 or so, but here is the advice for what I have learned.

In One Piece, the best thing to do is to not start an arc until it is finished. Wait. Because this is one show that can not be watched week to week. the episodes are too short and don’t satisfy as much as continuous watching does.

The reason for shortness is a very long OP, long ass episode recap, and a ton of flashbacks, which are added because the series is very close to catching the manga. I think that they should put a filler arc in between each arc, because frankly, I like them (I don;t read the manga though).


  • Watch One Piece in chunks (when you catch up).
  • Don’t start a new arc until you know it’s done.
  • Be amazed at it’s awesomeness.