Why I’m tha man = Part One

Besides the fact that I spelled “the” with an “a” instead of an “e”, which gives the notion that I kick it real from the streets, I have the ability to turn something seemingly gay into something wonderful and cool.

Exhibit Number One: “Blogs”

My friends saw my site, which is an ISSS, and believed it to be a blog……they laughed and poked fun.

However, I withstood the slander and ridicule of my peers and friends, and stayed the course, writing and posting on my ISSS. Eventually, a friend said, “Hey Jeff, I will make a blog.”  And he went on to create: “Oballer’s Blog”, which you can find on my blogroll. Blogs for most part, unfortunately suck. So dumb of him to make a blog. However, his is good, as are all of the sites on my blogroll, except that Manga on the 210 something one another. That is the worst site ever, I just put it there to ridicule it. Coincidentally, you can find this horrid site almost directly to the right of this line (maybe a few lines down).

What a piece of shit.

Then, today, my other friend said to me, “Het Jeff, I will make a blog.” However, he then decided to not make a blog, but instead create an ISSS, like mine, which mean’s it will be awesome. After the Inaugural Post that he created, it became apparent to me that he would have a much better blog than me, because unlike me, he actually knows how to write.

The point that I am trying to make is that two of those who ridiculed me, went back and created what they had made fun of, proving, in this instance, that I am tha man (kickin it real from the streets. Hard Body).