Inukami! = Series Review

Well since we’re on the subject of funny-assed anime that have a comedic humor that is somewhat perverted and hilarious, I thought I might as well right a review on Inukami!, a series that I thought was not only funny as hell, but had a good story and good plot. I will contain a hidden spoiler that no one will get until they watch the show and re-read this post, meaning, no one will ever get it.


Although this show doesn’t compare in humor to Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, it comes pretty close (as close as a show can). At least in terms of humor style, and pervertedness, which is always hilarious in anime for some reason. I watched this show a long ass time ago, but I still think of it as one of my favorites, the same goes for the movie that they made, which was very good.

Premise: A boy named Keita who is an Inukami trainer. Hmm, let me backtrack. An Inukami is a dog-god that can transform into a human. See all the girls in the picture above? They’re all Inukami (sort of). They are supposed to get a partner from Keita’s clan. Keita is very excited to finally get an Inukami, as he thinks that she will kind of be  like a slave to him. Then he gets stuck with Yoko (Green hair, yellow shirt). While he is initially happy that such a hot young fox would choose him, he soon changes his tune. Yoko is, what I’d guess you’d call a “bad-ass” Inukami, meaning, she can fuck shit up when it comes to fights. Yes, there are fight scenes, and they are actually pretty good. This anime has like, everything, it’s very well rounded. Anyway, there’s a lot of fucking hilarious stuff that happens, including one really really gay (literally homosexual) episode, that will nevertheless, leave you stricken with aching sides. The censoring of male genitalia is soooo funny and this show proves that a penis can be used as a weapon laser.


  • Penis jokes. Is there anything funnier? I submit that there is, but that penis jokes are still funny.
  • An actual good plot, along with good plot development, better than most serious anime.
  • Elephants (you’ll get it).
  • Lots of exciting characters. Keeps the show interesting.
  • It’s got a good ending/movie sequel.


  • I can honestly say, goodnight I’m tired. The end!

All in all this is a great show, which is why it deserves nothing less than a


EDIT NOTE: I just watched the first episode over again, and yes, it is funny, using pervertedness as the main source of humor. It’s not really close to the same funnyness as Dokuro-chan, because it lacks randomness, but it’s still a funny show, and also, humor aside, it is in my opinion that this show is still awesome anyways, and I may just watch the whole season over again, which is something I always say I’m gonna do, but have only done with one show (Shakugan). Also, I got another ED for my top ten that I’m making, which brings my total to like, four.