Neon Genesis Evangelion = Series Review Of Crazyness

Back a while ago. I watched this series. Many have said it is one of the best series out there. Well, to be honest, I didn’t think that it was anything special. After I had finished it, I realized that I had to give it a rating of 5^^. Not because I was really impressed with it. I mean, it was good, just not really 5^^ stuff. But if I didn’t think the material made it 5^^, then how come I still gave it such a high mark?

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Premise: A kid, Shinji, is a normal, depressed, kid, who goes to school etc. Then one day he is chosen to pilot Eva, a huge robot thing that fights Angels…..let’s backtrack. Angels are pretty much these huge monsters that were formally bio-experiments. I should also mention that half of the world’s population is dead because of a huge blast that destroyed and melted Antarctica. NERV is a group that uses Evangelions to fight these creatures, thus ensuring the safety of man. Shinji’s dad happens to be in charge of NERV. Anyway, Shinji is chosen to pilot  an Evangelion, becasue his sync rate is good or something (Apparently they can only use teens for piolet them because of this?). So that’s the general premise, although I must say that this series is fucked, wacked, and psychologically warped. For the three days after I finished the movie following it, there was something wrong with me. The end of this show was like being brainwashed. I noticed that I became…well……crazy. I can;t remember much of what I did, but I know I skipped all of my classes, wasn’t really social, and didn’t make much sense when I talked (to myself). That is the only reason for this to get such a high grade, because it was the only show that fucked with my mind-state. Actually, I have a picture from before watching this show, and after. Here is the before picture:

I'm the one in the middle laying down facing the camera going "byooo" with his hand.....I may have been drunk...but this actually was around the time I watched Evangelion.

Ok good, now here is a photograph of me the day after watching Evangelion:

See how bad I looked? I dressed like a girl, I stole that baby from it’s mother, and my eyes weren’t even on straight! I was a mess. Luckily after 3 days I was back to normal. For a more complete story, read my spoilers…..Fuck….Pros……Cons.


  • The show had some good characters for the most part. Except for Shinji.
  • The fighting and actual plot was well thought out. It wasn’t a typical robot anime (although I can’t say that for sure because I never really watch mecha).
  • Some interesting twists.
  • A really cool OP.
  • The end made me go crazy…..thanks for the fun times!


  • Shinji is one of the worst characters ever. He is such a depressed pussy. And what really pisses me off is that he is the only ****** ** ***** **** ****** ***!!!!

The only reason it gets the grade I give is because I give the grade it gets.



So why exactly did this show make me go crazy? The end. I still don’t understand what the fuck went on. In the last episode, apparently everyone on earth dies because Rei turns into a giant angel and kills them and then Shinji goes nuts and for the whole episode the screen is flashing with random ass scenes of craziness and Shinji’s thoughts, which, if you watch for a half hour straight, concentrating hard to try and find some sense of sense, will incite a feeling of uncontrolability over your entire body, apart from bowels and bladders. Then the movie, which was supposed to have a different ending, was exactly the same. I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I guess the world ended, and it was up to Shinji whether is would continue or not. Shinji, being a huge pussy, probably decided to end it. Although who knows, because Asakura was there, aka the best character in the show (I love a character that isn’t afraid to kick some ass). Well how does this change how he thinks about earth? Well I’m pretty sure he likes her, I mean, he jerked off to her……while she was in the hospital…….unconscious………next to him……while he jerked off……..on her…….wtf? I just watched the last episode since the last sentence. It’s horrible. This marks the first and only time I ever have a show 5^^ for a horrible ending.