Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden – What’s the difference?

This isn’t really going to be a review, but I will touch on some things from each series, and make comparisons for my own personal reasons.


This was about a ninja named Naruto, who lives in a village of Ninjas…….well…..I should say that pretty much every village on the planet is a ninja village. anyway, Naruto has always pretty much been alone, because he has a powerful nine-tailed fox that has been sealed inside of him, and people are afraid of him because of this. Nevertheless, he tried to become a ninja. For the most part, he is really dumb and has no common sense, which leads me to believe that Robert had a part in the design of this character. However, what he lacks in knowledge of……things…..he makes up for in his massive amount of Chakura and Stamina in fights. Chakura is pretty much energy. Almost like Dragonball Z but totally different. As I watched this series, I became obsessed with it (any fan of anime has to watch this show I think). Then, around episode 113 or so, they decided to make the rest of the series made up of one or two episode long fillers. These are the worst fillers ever in the world. I mean, One Piece has pretty good fillers at least, that have their own arc, so I can be like, “Ok this is cool, it’s like a brand new story that we haven’t heard yet.” This is why most fillers don’t bother me, except for the Naruto fillers, which ruined the show effectively, and took away a change for 5^^. However, before this, it was a sick ass show. Then Naruto ends with an actual non-filler, and the show (the characters in the show) undergoes a 2 year time skip. Shorty thereafter, Naruto Shippuuden is released.

Naruto Shippuuden

Naruto Shippuuden takes place two years after something in Naruto happens, and thusly there are changes in characters, (appearance, personality, etc) and events. Also, so far, there haven’t been any fillers (I’m on episode 56, and I just started watching it again after like, a couple months. Speaking of, I have finished the “Zombie” One Piece arc, so I will stop watching for another couple months…..Zoro is the fuckin man. BA). Anyway, since the restart, the show is something that I’m probably going to catch up to quickly. right now it’s just training, but I like episodes where people train, because I’m dumb. (Not really, when Rocky trains, it just makes you feel like a man, even though you’re sitting on your ass, and he’s doing all the training). Fuck, I can’t remember what this post was supposed to be about originally. I know I wanted to say something else….whatever, fuck it. I say, watch these shows, maybe find out what episodes are fillers for Naruto and don’t watch them, because then it’s a really good series.


2 thoughts on “Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden – What’s the difference?

  1. The difference is nothing and they just had to put Naruto on break because they got caught up too fast that even a year worth of shitty filler couldn’t save them so when it came back they gave it a subtitle.

    Oh, and Naruto and Sasuke have new ugly outfits, and Sakura actually has a use, kind of, but not really, because she still gets whooped like a bitch.

    How an intelligent person like her was never able to manage to become a decent ninja doesn’t even make sense, especially since she had good chakra control. According to Naruto’s system, all you need to be a good ninja is intelligence. Everything is essentially a technique and doesn’t really require a lot of strength. Especially ninjutsu and genjutsu are basically just spells that require studying and intelligence to use.
    So what the fuck, Sakura? But, essentially, to be a good ninja: Don’t get detected, slit someone’s throat. Bam.

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