Fall Out Boy = Folie a Deux

Personally, I think that Fall Out Boy rules, so needless to say I was excited when they came out with Folie a Deux last December, and I got it immediately (from my sister for Christmas, although she burnt it and made a cover, she didn’t buy it……cheap bitch). I skipped through it, and truthfully, I was disappointed. I just didn’t think it was that good. Now, a few months later, I took another listen, and haven’t looked back. This cd is gold.

I’m still confused why people make fun of me for liking Fall Out Boy…..so far the only reason is that “they’re gay” when they clearly prefer sex with women. Even if they had a good reason, I would still like them though, because they have awesome title names, they’re songs are awesome, and I enjoy massaging my ears with they’re original melodies. Their lyrics kind of remind me of Kid KaBoOm and Kid Chaos when they do their mixtapes. The only reason I can think of as to why they’re gay is that they did a song with Lil Wayne, who sucks. But it’s actually a good song, and you can barely tell what Lil Wayne is saying, or that it’s him, so it’s fine. I don;t feel like typing forever because I got a basketball game to get to since I’m the starting point guard (but not really), so I’ll just give you the three best tracks:

Bronze: I Don’t Care – This is the single off of this cd. Personally, I love this song, but now that I’ve had a good listen to this cd, they’re are even better ones.

Silver: What a Catch, Donnie – This song is fucking amazing. It features The following artists which each sing a line from the following songs (I just copied this and pasted it from some youtube video, cuz it’s a lot easier….thank you AlwaysBreakthrough for originally writing this)

-Headfirst Slide… by Elvis Costello
-Sugar, We’re Going Down by Travis McCoy
-Grand Theft Autumn by Gabe Saporta
-Growing Up by William Beckett
-Dance Dance by Brendon Urie
-This Ain’t A Scene… by Doug Neuman
-Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Alex Deleon

Gold: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On a Bad Bet – As I’ve said, they have awesome titles. This song…well…I’m obsessed with it. This cd isn’t as good as their previous Infinity on High, but it’s very good nevertheless.


One thought on “Fall Out Boy = Folie a Deux

  1. They’re gay because they’re gay faggots.

    Emo music is stupid and their song titles are pretentious and faggy. They are also gay and shitty. And dumb. And dumb gays.
    Also they dress like gay fags.

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