Hayate needs to get here now!

Seriously. Right now one of the many shows that I’m watching happens to be Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, which is about a girl who is like, the most looked up to girl in her school (girls wanna be her and guys wanna be on her). But secretly she is obsessed with anime, and doesn’t want anyone to know. This is pretty much how I am…..or used to be, except that I don’t really care too much anymore. Either way, you may be wondering how the fuck that has to do with Hayate.

Well the fact of the matter is, Nogizaka Haruka, the main character, is fucking rich and has money up the ass like a slut has a cock up the ass. and so it took 30 minutes for Yuto (the protagonist) to walk the distance of the driveway. He was fucking beat, but the maid was like “whatever, I’m a fucking maid, I can do anything.” This reminded me of how Hayate is a butler to a rich girl with money up the ass, and how he is a butler that can pretty much do anything no problem. God give me more Hayate!

Sorry I don’t have anything worthwhile to write about…truth is, I’m running low on ideas for anime related shit, and I don’t feel like writing shitty reviews that suck every single time.


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