Everything Pisses Me Off

I was watching TV today, for the first time in a while, as I usually only watch sports stuff and Lost (which I didn’t watch, I DVR’d it so eliminate commercials). Anyway, I was flipping through the channels, and was immediately pissed off. Here’s a few things that pissed me off.

1. There was a show about the plane that crashed in the Hudson River.

Really. This happened a while ago. The news smothered it for a good two weeks. Do we really need a show about it? Why not make a movie as well? The media sucks hard candy (and cock).

2. TBS

TBS used to be a respectable channel. It used to have awesome shows and movies, and I would always turn to it when looking for something to watch. But no longer. Before you inquire as to why TBS suddenly sucks more dick than an Asian prostitute who has built up immunities to all STDs, I will provide you with the answer:


Dear Mr. Tyler Perry,

Your shows suck. They aren’t funny. The jokes on your shows run along the same lines that Nickelodeon and Disney shows have. They aren’t imaginative, and create nothing but questions for the viewer, such as, “What the fuck?” or “Was that supposed to be funny?” It also edges viewers on to produce statements such as, “This show is garbage.” and “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.”

Tyler Perry’s House of Pain = Painful to watch, painful to hear, painful to speak of. If you try to watch it, you must watch it with six arms, so that you can do each of the following simultaneously:

I attempted to watch this show, and lasted about 4 minutes, the result was me changing the channel twice, and immediately shutting the TV off. I changed the channel twice, so that when I turned the TV back on, it would not be on TBS, and if I hit “last”, it still would not be on TBS.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns = Should have been a reality show called, kick Tyler Perry in the balls, where contestants kick Tyler Perry in the balls. Instead, we get more bullshit, more poor acting, and more lame, stupid, thoughtless and unfunny jokes. Tyler Perry effectively ruined TBS, the only reason why I can see reason for these shows being aired is that Tyler Perry bought TBS, or it gets a lot of viewers in the South, where everything/everyone is bigger, dumber, and trashier. I wish the South had seceded.

3. Fuck Reality shows, the news, and MTV.

They all suck, and somehow America loves them. This is why our future is Idiocracy (that’s a movie). Go read a book or something. Why do you want to watch other people do stuf in their lives?

“Hey cool Steph! Spoiled Trashy Bitches is on!”

“Awesome Rachel! I love watching Spoiled Trashy Bitches! Is this the one where Samantha gets drunk and pissed on Josh while Ami hooks up with Billy?”

“Yea it’s kewl! Lol! We going to become strippers someday!”

“We’re trashy sluts!”

That could be a an actual dialogue between to girls. The Real World, and all shows on MTV suck. Where’s the fucking music? You know what, don’t even get me started on music and the shit that’s on the radio. People are brainless pieces of shit. I’d rather be a cat, because they don’t give a shit about anything (more to come on that).

Tyler Perry sucks.

Lil Wayne is actually GOOD on the Fall Out Boy cd (one line, didn’t write it)

The world must be nearing it’s demise.


6 thoughts on “Everything Pisses Me Off

  1. And thus we watch anime…

    Seriously, I gave up on American TV just a few years ago. It wasn’t even really a conscious, finite decision. Before I knew it, I simply wasn’t watching it anymore. It hurts my soul a bit when I go into work and I here reasonably smart people start discussing and getting into some trashy reality TV show. It’s shit like that which allows me to say “I watch anime” with pride.

    I think the death of TV started with MTV. And to think that it used to be a pretty cool and original music channel.

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