Some People Just Don’t Get It

An ISSS…..A Blog….similar, yet TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Today, I was talking to my pal OBALLER, who remarked this statement to me via AIM:

Soccersox87 (1:45:58 AM): and the description of my site is wrong
Soccersox87 (1:46:01 AM): its ont a blog at all
Soccersox87 (1:46:04 AM): complete isss
OB30ball (1:46:16 AM): shuttup its a blog you just wont admit it
I am the red and he is the blue, in case you have never used AIM, and can’t realize that similarities of OBALLER and OB30ball. How dare he remark that my ISSS is a blog. Blog’s are silly, dumb, and old news. What is an ISSS exactly?
An ISSS is an Internet Storage and Sharing Site, as you know, but it’s more than that. It’s a revolution. It is unique. An idea that someday will replace the word “blog”, which not only sounds gay, but most of the time, is gay.
How many people do you know that have an ISSS? No one! (unless you know Robert, who was converted by me, and now has an ISSS). I am original, a coiner of a term. You dare to conform to blog status and be silly and dumb, whereas I am the master of my domain. And by domain, I mean I don’t know if any of that even makes sense, but it doesn’t matter, because I have an ISSS, therefore, I have freedom from everything, and unlimited right. I could make terrorist threats and not get in trouble, but I’m not a terrorist, so I will refrain.
I say, join me if you have a “blog” and convert to an “ISSS”, like all the cool people. You could be the first of a new, exciting, popular trend, and make OBALLER look dumb! All you have to do it say, “This site is no longer a blog, but instead is an ISSS,” and when someone says “No it’s a blog,” then take offense and belittle them by making fun of all of their faults. It’s that easy!

5 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Get It

  1. so basically…. your site is EXACTLY the same thing as a blog… but since you dont want to admit you have a blog you call it an ISSS… you could have just said that

  2. You don’t understand anything at all. I’m sorry that you have the smartness of a smarties candy diskette piece. You just can’t let something be and accept it.

    Hippies suck.

  3. Blog brings to mind a giant turd someone just crapped out, which aptly describes blogs, so I think it’s a most apt term.


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