Fuck You, Penguin

A short time ago, I wrote a post about how cats don’t care what you have to say. cats dont give a shit

EDIT: I just saw a commercial that said be careful what you post on the Internet. They were all making fun of this girl, Sara, who is an obvious slut, and post pictures of herself on-line. Good. She’s a slut. She wants the attention. Thanks commercial, for accomplishing nothing. It’s fairly obvious that if you post something on-line,people are gonna see it. Isn’t that the whole point. What a dumb commercial.

Ok so yea. Wrote something about cats. Then Baka-Raptor (on my blogroll, much better site than this piece of shit and/or fuck), left me a link to this site, which I promptly checked out.


That is all.

Oh yea, the site is called, Fuck You, Penguin

EDIT: I wish I knew how to make it so that to go to the site I am speaking of, you just have to click a word. Example: when you click on the word “Jesus”, it brings you to a page about Jesus or something. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that shit…If you do know how, Leave a comment so I can learn something.

EDIT AGAIN: I have discovered this secret, which only a few people know.


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