Blatent Fanservice in Anime

Most shows these days contain certain amounts of fan service. This is fine, as I stand neutral on the position of fanservice for the most part. It can be brought in to provide a show with cheap humor on occasion. Sometimes, however, the fanservice is so blatant and pointless that I wonder why they bothered to put it in. Here’s an example taken from a great show (in my eyes), Akikan!

This ass serves no purpose other than to take up half the screen.


Who runs with their arms tucked in, so that they are hidden behind their tits? I sure don't (I don't have tits either).

The second one I actually found funny because if I ever saw someone run with their arms tucked in like that that I would trip them with a stick. What is up with Japanese and their fanservice in anime? Well there you have it. Now that I think about it, this post served no pupose other than to provide readers with pointless, blatant, fanservice. I guess Eye am no different than anime like To LOVE-Ru, Akikan, and the mother of fanservice, Ikkitousen.


4 thoughts on “Blatent Fanservice in Anime

  1. “What is up with Japanese and their fanservice in anime?”
    Looks like it’s time to change your blog’s title to SEINFELD SEDSO! LOL!

    The reason is because sex sells and the Japanese are repressed hornball pedophile pervert faggot losers.

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