Cosplay? Cos-GAY!

EDIT: Can no one take criticism? Grow a backbone people.

ANOTHER EDIT: Cosplay really isn’t that bad. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Well here’s a sure fire way to lose a vast amount of hits on my site. But I don’t give a shit. For the most part, anyone and anyone who does “cosplay” (dresses up like anime/cartoon/comic book characters), is gay. I mean, on occasion, there are people who look pretty fucking cool.

She actually looks pretty fuckin cool.

I mean, true, a well thought out, nicely planned, and perfectly executed costume like this shows that you have no life (I think this was for an actual photo-shoot, not actual cosplay, but it’s still pretty fucking cool), but this girl is fairly decent looking (comparatively), so she gets away with that. However, for the most part, cosplay is gay, especially if you spend like……..200 some-odd dollars on a Joker costume for Halloween and you only wear it once, and because of that, and a series of unfortunate laptop malfunctions, you now have a very low amount of funds, especially when you are 21, in college, and also wasted money on an xbox just to but Mirror’s Edge (oh fuck….I did all of that). I wish I had pictures of that night, but take my word, I looked like a fucking piece of cunt. But that’s because no one else stuck to the plan of all being villains from Batman….cunts. Instead of embarrassing myself, here’s what cosplay normally looks like:

I should mention that while browsing google for picture of cosplay (I get most of my pictures from google of screen shots…unless their mine), I noticed a lot of non-bad looking cosplay, and thought to my self, “They don’t really look that bad.” Then I remembered, they are grown people dressing up as cartoons (I hate calling anime cartoons, but honestly, it’s the same thing). If you are reading this, and are fuming mad that I am making fun of you, then suck it up and move on, because I’m going to explain the main reason why I, personally, don’t cosplay.

  1. People [usually] look ridiculous, I mean, sure, this could be fun, if your drunk and at a party where the point is to look rediculous..
  2. Unfortunatly, I am no longer 5 (everyday this fact makes me sad).
  3. No one I know cosplays, and I have no ambition to try it. In fact, no one I know even watches anime. In fact, most of them make fun of me for watching anime. In fact, the amount of people who know I watch anime and make fun of me for it are only a very small portion of my friends.
  4. How a character looks in an anime does not correlate  to real life, ie, no matter how cool a character looks in an anime, it is very hard to replicate this coolness in real life. Here are now some comparisons to a cool looking anime character, with vs a cosplay counterpart:

Ichigo Kurosaki

Allen Walker

The fact is, it’s hard to replicate the way that anime is drawn. Anime uses more visible shadows and folds, so when you have a cosplay, these shadows and folds don’t appear as well, and you are left looking like a person who has no life, and loves anime way too much. Although if that’s what you like to do, who am I to argue. I am such a dynamic character, that I have had a change of heart through this post. If you want to cosplay, more power to you! (I really only made this because cosplay and cos-gay create a stupid rhyme). As for me, you will never catch me cosplaying ever, unless it’s Halloween, or I find the place where this guy got his costume:

Hahaha this guy is weird!

12 thoughts on “Cosplay? Cos-GAY!

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  2. Lol..!! I did cosplay twice, dunno about the future, but pretty much I’m done.
    And yep, its just as bad as you said… I’m not spending hundreds of dollars in costume, so the result is pretty much a yuck – _ -” But I don’t think it’s gay or what… As long as they keep it in the right place and time

    • I have changed my views on cosplay a lot since I wrote this post. I now believe that only shitty cosplay is bad, but cosplay done well, cosplay that actually looks genuine, is pretty cool.

      I’m still not doing it though.

  3. I’ve been cosplaying a while and shitty cosplay sucks-yeah but if your having fun then i doubt it matters to whomevers doing it. And i’ll be the first to admit that alot of cosplay is “gay-based” because a majority(from what i’ve met and personal experience) of the cosplay community is LGBT. Kindof supporting this is the fact im lesbian, and almost all my friends that cosplay are gay, bi or pansexual.

    • Lesbians are fucking awesome. I changed my views on this post a while ago. Now I’m way more open minded then I used to be. Still, as an art major, it pains me to see shitty costumes that suck.

    • I originally wrote this a LONG ass time ago, and then about a year later I changed my ways and decided to edit this post.

      While I now don’t hate cosplay, I DO hate people who completely botch up a character. You know what? I’m doing a re-write of this post! LOOK FOR IT.

  4. Agreed that cosplay is gay, though if someone can actually pull it off and BRING ANIME TO LIFE, DAHUH! I think it looks pretty neat. But that’s it. It LOOKS neat, but I don’t understand why you’d do it. You don’t see your costume. You’re basically doing it for other people. Yeah, I’m gonna spend 200 hours getting the materials and putting together a costume I’ll walk around in a couple times. Yipee!!

  5. Are you autistic? Anime and cartoons are different, that’s why they have different names, gods people are fucking ignorant.

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