The Status of Eye Sedso

Well, a few days ago I wrote a post about cosplay. Now in this post, I guess you could say I took a negative view of cosplay (although also mentioned that I sort of did it before, although it was Halloween). I of course don’t really care whether you cosplay or not, it’s your own decision, and I don’t hate anyone less because of what hey decide to do (unless your a hic from fucking Alabama). Now, I also predicted that after this post, half the people who view my site would decide that I was a prick, and thus my views would go down. Here, take a look and see if I was right:

A Real Graph of My Mediocrity

That's right folks I still haven't got to triple digits yet....97 was closest (on the first day somehow)

So what does this prove? Well besides the fact that this site is invisible to most people, it proves that my prediction was correct, ie, I was correct. That is because I am always correct. So how do I feel about the fact that no one gives a shit about my site again? Glad, because now all those pussies that got pissed off at an opinion won’t be looking at my awesome ISSS.

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