Top Ten Eyes

Well, Eye was sitting at meye computer, wondering what Eye should type next on meye ISSS. Then I realized, my site is called “Eye Sedso,” so why not do something with eyes? Therefore, I bring to you the most original top ten ever concocted:

Top Ten Eyes

Basically, any eyes are valid: Real eyes, fake eyes, animated eyes, eyes with mascara, eyes with a knife through them (don’t worry there’s none of that). The titles must be able to end in “eyes.” So here we go

10. Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes aka Milo aka Sean Mongillo

No, I don’t literally mean an owl as in an animal. I mean Owl Eyes as in the nickname I gave to Sean Mongillo along with Milo. They are completely random and never stuck, but I think they’re awesome.

9. God’s Eyes

They say that everything looks better in His eyes. Even war and death? Disease and Famine? Yea. Fuck them.

8. Clint Eastwood’s Eyes

OB30ball (10:53:49 PM): but clint eastwood’s eyes will man any man run


7. Ol’ Blue Eyes

It’s Frank Sinatra bitch don’t disrespect greatness.

6. A Cat’s Eyes

Specifically black. Why? Because their fuckin yellow. And at night, the cat disappears, except for the eyes, and that looks fucking cool. too bad cat’s don’t give a shit about you.

5. Ryuuji’s Eyes

Eyes that Deceive.

First things first, Ryuuji is a character from Toradora! It happens to be my favorite anime that I am currently watching week to week, and Ryuuji’s eyes play a role too (not really but yea they do). Everyone thinks that he’s a delinquent that will kick your ass for no reason, because his eyes look so damn scary. So everyone at first is afraid of him. Even his teacher won’t stand up to him. But in reality, Ryuuji is far from a delinquent, in fact, he likes to clean. End result = cool eyes.

4. Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes is the Band/group/musical people that sing the song, Always Something There to Remind Me. Now you may not know about the Guys Night group in my town that exists, where we grill by the pool and eat as men, but we have soundtracks every summer of bad-ass songs, and this song was one of the best ones. Here’s a cold Corona raised to Naked Eyes.

3. Demon Inuyasha’s Eyes

Red fucking eyes baby.

His eyes are fucking red and bad-ass. When Inuyasha looks like this, he will kill you until you die from it. Fucking Inuyasha is awesome. Basically, when his life is seriously threatened, his demon blood (Inuyasha is half demon, half human) takes control of his body, ironically ridding him of control of his body. He proceeds to kill people until someone stops him or something.

2. The Joker’s Eyes

First off all. They look cool, specifically Heath Ledger’s joker. Second, he sees the world as a playground to steal things and kill people, all things which are generally acceptable, fun, and proven to reduce stress. I wish I could be so carefree. Although then I would have no friends.

1. My Eyes

From my beach-side thrown I see all. Actually, this is on topof a mountain, I just constructed it to look like a beach, because I can.

You expected maybe the Easter Bunny? (Easter is like….nowish isn’t it?). Wow, look how long short my hair was. of course, now it’s down to my shoulders (because of a bet…and I REFUSE to cut my hair first! That  money is MINE!). But my eyes bring you truth from everything, whether you like it or not. I know all. I am like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, except that I’m not blue, and have a better body.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Eyes

  1. “and have a better body.”


    Besides nothing can beat being a magical glowing floaty guy who can fly and pass through solid matter and exist in space and shit. God Jeff what are you talking about Jeff?




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