One Piece – The Best Characters in Anime


One Piece

There is a reason why there were no One Piece characters on my Top Ten Characters list? In fact, there are two.

Reason Number One: At the time, I had put One Piece on a year long hiatus, and had not watched it for about a year, so I kind of forgot about  it. Silly me.

Reason Number Two: There are so many awesome characters in One Piece, that it would be unfair to other awesome characters that made my list. I mean, have my list would be One Piece Characters.

Because of these facts, decided that I will….no….must…create and publish a Top Ten One Piece Character’s list, which, quite obviously, will list my favorite One Piece Characters in order starting with number

10. Dracule “Hawkeyes” Mihawk

The only problem so far is that he’s barely in the show. He is Zoro’s aim. In other words. Zoro want to beat him to prove he;s the best swordsman, which he is.

9. Franky

Well shucks, Franky is the Shipwright (carpenter) of the Straw Hat Crew, which in One Piece, pretty much means he’s the best shipwrite ever. He is part cyborg, after he was injured trying to stop a train……literally trying to stop a train that was coming at him. Of course if it weren’t an anime, he would be chopped in half easily. But he survived, and built himself a cyborg body, complete with weapons and it doesn’t even need gas. It DOES however, need Soda. He runs on Soda.

8. Shanks

He is why Luffy is a pirate. He discovered the Gomu Gomu Fruit that Luffy hogged down like a greedy kid, and he saved Luffy as he was about to get eaten by a sea monster. He saved Luffy, and the monster bit his arm off. You’d think the monster would finish the job. But Shanks just glared at him, and that monster fish got the FUCK OUT OF THERE. Shanks – The Man.

7. Portgas D. Ace

This is Luffy’s brother. Holy shit he has a brother! Yea. He ate the Mera Mera fruit, and he can make fire. After the one fight scene he was in, I decided he was nasty. he needs to be in this more.

6. Nami

She is the Navigator for Luffy’s Crew, and she also is the treasurer. Why? Because she loves treasure. She will run scared in a fight, but if someone mentions money or gold, she will run into a war to get it. She steals and to me is the only actual pirate in the Straw Hats. Hats off to you Nami for stealing all sorts of shit.

5. Usopp

Usopp = Sogeking. Get it? They’re the same person. I know it’s hard to tell because of the clever disguise, but it’s true. Most of you already know that. Sogeking is Usopp’s alter ego that he uses when he ****** *** ***** *** ****, *** ******* ***** **** ** *****.  Pretty much Sogeking is Usopp’s courage, and he sometimes turns into Sogeking when he is in trouble (after the previously blocked out thing ends). Usopp is the Marksman of the Straw Hat Crew, and lies all the time, mainly when he’s up against a foe, also, he’s pretty much a huge pussy in fights, but also is nasty at sniping. Hence the awesome song (the main reason for his entrance to the top 5):

4. Brook

Clearly that picture was made by someone, as Brook has no bounty that I am aware of. Unless he does and I just wasn’t paying attention. But he DEFINITELY doesn’t have a wanted poster. Nevertheless, I found one on google, and it allows me to stick with the picture theme that I have going. Brook was added to the series recently, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his prescience from the get-go. I love a good joke. Puns and wordplay happen to be among my favorite types, besides literal humor and breaking the 4th wall. Brook provides the show with a multitude of this (minus 4th wall breakage). He constantly makes remarks like, “My heart is beating so fast…..although, I don’t have a heart, because I’m made of bones! YOOOOOHOHOHOH!” Awesome. I will never get tired of it. The reason, by the way, that he isn’t dead, is because he has to fufill a promise to return to a crew mate of his (which is none other than Lagoon, the whale at the entrence to the Grand Line). So I get the secret to immortality is to make a promise, and just never follow through. He also has come aboard the 1000 Sunny or whatever the fuck the new ship is called, as the Musician.

3. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro, I just thought it was best to repeat that. He is the swordsman and the bad-ass of the Straw Hat crew. Recently, I found this out again in the Zombie Arc, when he did the most bad-ass thing ever (although technically Luffy went through all the pain, but he’s made of fucking rubber). Zoro, uses three swords, one in each hand and one in the mouth. He can cut steel, and cut huge ass shit that is far away with energy blast things that could never exist in real life. On the boat, he sleeps always. Isn’t anime great? FUCK YOU?

2. Sanji

Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Crew. He also does not like his picture that the Marines used to make his wanted poster. He does not like it one bit. He is always at odds with Zoro, as they fight constantly. He makes some dam good food (anime food makes me FUCKING HUNGRY as a THING THAT EATS ALWAYS). His weapon? His legs. He can kick a boulder at you, kick a building down, etc. He also has a weakness for women, as he is a huge womanizer. Oh yea, he only makes this countdown in the subbed version. In fact, none of these characters are any good in the dubbed American version, because they really fucked it up with the censorship.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Well, it was a no-brainer really.  He ate the Gomu Gomu Fruit, so now he has the attributes of rubber. He is awesome. the Captain of the Straw Hat Crew. Overall, his is pretty much a huge ditz, very gullible, but very strong in a fight, and dare I say it? Bad-ass.

The End. Watch the show if you haven’t. Subbed though. The shit on Cartoon Network is fucking gay.