He is My Master = Series Review

Here’s a show that is incredibly similar to another show. It involves a large debt, maids, and a rich person and a wild animal is featured as a pet. No, it’ not Hayate no Gotoku.

He is My Master

I watched this show a long as time ago, back when I graded shows harder. I have been grading shows too easily lately, I should start getting more strict. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.

Premise: Two girls, Izumi and Mitsuki, have run away from home because their parents are wacked and won’t let them keep their pet alligator (I had a pet alligator when I was just seven!). They come to become maids to the rich ass mo-fo, Yoshikata, who lives alone in his mansion. He is, however, very perverted, and this makes the show funny and awesome.

I can’t remember how I review shows anymore, so I’m just going to do something different every time from now on.

What is in this show?

  • Yoshikata doing perverted things to girls who I have just learned are supposed to be 14 year olds….Japanese people and their fanservice know no bounds.
  • Some funny ass shit.
  • Great characters.
  • Running gags (like how Izumi always breaks things and owes more money to Yoshikata, who she obviously comes to like, even though she tries to hide it.)

What isn’t in this show?

  • Hippies.
  • Feminists.
  • Chicken/Turkey Pot Pie
  • (so it can’t be that bad)

Who is the best character?


She’s always stirring up some kind of trouble or making some kind of bet between Izumi and Yoshikata, ie:

Mitsuki: “If Izumi loses, we have to work for you longer.”

Izumi: “What!?”

Yoshikata: “You’re on!”

Izumi: “I never agreed to this! No!” (does it anyway, loses)

Mitsuki: “Yay! I love working!”

Give me a fun fact:

In the year 2023, the planets will be aligned, and the poles of the Earth may switch….again.

Because after reviewing ths show I have realized it is great, I will up it’s grade and give it a


One thought on “He is My Master = Series Review

  1. I have been grading shows too easily lately
    I will up it’s grade and give it a

    You’ll never be a chair salesman at this rate!

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