Clannad ~ I’m Bringin’ It Back

Not only did I use hip symbols and apostaphes instead of the letter “g”, but I also decided to bring back Clannad – After Story. I already know the ending kinda, (I spoiled that for myself before the first season started), but everyone’s talking about it, and now I need to see it. (did anyof this make sense?)


The Art of Verbally Fucking Someone

Not as in intercourse mind you, but in actually saying, “Hey! Hey fucker!……..Fuck you.”

“Fuck you” is the perfect way to end a sentence, whether you’re applying for a job, serving a customer, or meeting your in-laws for the first time, “Fuck you” puts a perfect bit of edge onto whatever you’re saying. Here’s an example of a real-life instance where “Fuck you” helped yours truly out in a situation of need.

I was coming back from the brothel one night, after just having my asshole licked by a dark haired transvestite, which I found odd, because I wanted a brunette with huge tits to have sex with, but I figured that it was best not to split hairs. I had a few to drink, and pulling out my tankard filled with fire-water, I took a giant swig and scoffed down a good 7 or 8 shots. Suddenly, I had the urge to take off my clothes. (Is this story going anywhere? Not really. Let me continue). After I had disposed of my black leotards and frilled overcoat, I felt at ease with the world, dancing down the streets with my penis flapping loftily in the cool night air. The stars were shining, and as I gazed up at the moon, in it’s crescent shape, I did not notice the hobo that I accidentally stepped on, trampling across his unshaven face. I was pretty pissed of that he effectively put a halt to my gallivanting, and, looking down, I realized that his face was not unshaven, but had instead been covered with a massive assortment of different types and shades of pubic hair.

“I can’t grow a beard,” growled the hobo, brandishing a pair of sharp scissors. “so I steal under-pubes from passer-byes like yourself.”

I stopped and looked down at my delicately taken care of pubic thunder-dome, which I had recently shaved into the shape of a little squirrel, who I had named Susan and had come to love like a brother. I looked back up and met the gaze of the pubic muzzled hobo, who smelled distinctly of cheese.

“Fuck you.” I told him in a serious voice, with tones of a troubled past.

“Well, ok then,” shouted the hobo carelessly.

And there you have it. That is the story of how “Fuck you” saved my pube squirrel, Susan, from a hobo who smelled distinctly of cheese.

More stories of how “Fuck you” saved people to come, so Fuck You.

Hiatus Over

Did you miss me? No? Hiatus back on until someone misses me.

(That’s complete bullshit, I will soon write a review of Shikabane Hime: Aka, which I am almost done with, but will not be the 100th since I realized that Kyou no Go no Ni doesn’t count, as I only watched the OVAs, which I don’t count as series. I have since picked up said series and am almost done, therefore, please retract previously said statement).

Here’s a fucking picture:

EDIT: Nevermind.

Hiatus Time Out

I just need to say this:

I found a sick ass cd, maybe you heard of it. It’s called Ghetto Pop Life. I just want to write a review on some hip hop shit before Robert does. So here’s this shit:

Ghetto Pop Life: Danger Mouse and Jemini

I was watching a Rudy Dog movie, when I heard this song play at the end of it. I immediatly found the song on Google, which knows everything (I see you Brian, and I know what you do). Here is the song I found:

Hot shit son ill nah. Now we all know that Danger Mouse can fuckin do some tracks. DangerDoom (ft. MF Doom) is a good example. Sick beats son ill nah. So after I found the beat I immediatly went to filestube and downloaded that shit via rapidshare.

Filestube = God’s Gift to Get Great Music

I’m not going to review every song, but from what I’ve listened to, this cd comes complete with nasty beats, nice lyrics, and a smooth flow over everything. I’m gonna be obsessed with this, which will mark the end to car rides where I listen to The Black Parade or Folie A Deux (these are mainly the only cds I listen to, and it’s been like that for about a year).

Now back to my Hiatus, which will mainly pertain to anime…ill nah.

EDIT: The Pharcyde is in on a track, and they’re nasty.