Hiatus Time Out

I just need to say this:

I found a sick ass cd, maybe you heard of it. It’s called Ghetto Pop Life. I just want to write a review on some hip hop shit before Robert does. So here’s this shit:

Ghetto Pop Life: Danger Mouse and Jemini

I was watching a Rudy Dog movie, when I heard this song play at the end of it. I immediatly found the song on Google, which knows everything (I see you Brian, and I know what you do). Here is the song I found:

Hot shit son ill nah. Now we all know that Danger Mouse can fuckin do some tracks. DangerDoom (ft. MF Doom) is a good example. Sick beats son ill nah. So after I found the beat I immediatly went to filestube and downloaded that shit via rapidshare.

Filestube = God’s Gift to Get Great Music

I’m not going to review every song, but from what I’ve listened to, this cd comes complete with nasty beats, nice lyrics, and a smooth flow over everything. I’m gonna be obsessed with this, which will mark the end to car rides where I listen to The Black Parade or Folie A Deux (these are mainly the only cds I listen to, and it’s been like that for about a year).

Now back to my Hiatus, which will mainly pertain to anime…ill nah.

EDIT: The Pharcyde is in on a track, and they’re nasty.


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